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  1. Try posting over at the www.futuremark.com/community forums in the pcmark05 section, they will most probably be able to help far more then anyone on here.
  2. 33seconds - prime stable. 2.7ghz Dualcore 3800+ 10 x 270mhz 4 x 512megabytes bh5 memory at 227mhz 2.5, 2, 2, 5.
  3. My system is Prime95 stable for 18hours at 2.7ghz at 1.525volts but it isn't [email protected] stable with the 600pointers. I am currently at 2.65ghz at the same volts. Temps are 39c full load on a Big Typhoon. I was hesitating a bit to see if i could get it stable at 2.7ghz at 1.5 or 1.575volts but i just want to be confident it's completely stable as i'm going away for two weeks and will be leaving it running [email protected] for that time.
  4. Can anyone tell me which files out of the 6.39 drivers i need to put on the floppy for the f6 process please?
  5. George, that is spot on with where my x2 3800+ was with stock cooling, upgraded to the Big Typhoon and was much much better.
  6. Which Nvidia sata drivers can i use which don't need all this messing about and i can just copy to a floppy and be done with it?
  7. What about the ones on the Dfi website, use them or the beta?
  8. Lethi, 1.6volts is far too high for stock cooling to me.
  9. Wiring is fine, i have a 80mm Ystech fan that i might be able to "ghetto" up to the ram and to the pwmic. The pwmic are underneath the little heatsinks about the nf4 chipset? edit: any news on the max volts on air though?
  10. I have 6 case fans, 2x80 (front and back) and 4x120 (2 on side and 2 on top). They are quiet fans though.
  11. What are the max recommended volts and temps for an Athlon64 x2 3800+? I have a Big Typhoon and overclocked to 2.68ghz at 1.52volts running full load at 39c for cpu, 54c for pwmic and 41c for nf4 chipset. I have heard that 1.6volts is max for good air setup, but when pushing to 1.575volts, the pwmic goes to 64c. Is that safe?
  12. Sorry if this doesn't help at all fvbarc but i was just wondering if you needed new sata drivers to download to use win64 or just used the ones off the link?
  13. The new Nvidia Forceware 80 drivers take full advantage of dual core processors and are supposed to give quite a heck of a performance boost in games with dual core processors. We will soon find out when they're released in early October so if you're still debating whether to get a dualcore or not and have 6xxx or 7xxx Nvidia card, you might want to wait and see what sort of performance Forceware80 does give.
  14. With stock cooling, i could only get 270mhz overclock from 2ghz and my load temps were around 55c. With the Big Typhoon, i could get a 700mhz overclock from 2ghz and my load temps are 41c max.
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