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  1. I just hooked up and installed windows on my ULTRAII-M2, but I can't seem to get the internet working at all... any had the same problem?
  2. well, I tried it anyways, and it all works fine.
  3. I went to boot up the ULTRA-II M2 for the first time and noticed that my PSU (Antec True Power 550w) was has a 20 pin (+ the 4 pin right beside it) while the mobo is 24 pin. Is it still safe to use?:confused: Thanks!
  4. I do have a copy of XP with SP2 slipstreamed... I'll give it a go!
  5. I finally got all my hardware together and started to build, but quickly put the process on hold. I didn't have my floppy drive cable to let me install the sata driver's... I haven't built a new rig in a while and hear you didn't even need to install the sata driver's, is this true? Can I simply continue on the Window's installation without pressing F6 to install w/e it is that needs to be installed? Can I install the drivers from a USB Flash Drive? DFI ULTRAII-M2 Thanks.
  6. very nice thread. helped alot. I have just baught the ULTRAII-M2 and a 3800+ AM2; can't wait to get it going!
  7. I have a 35w 2400+ and a Thermalright SLK947u combo I am looking to sell. for 75$ shipped. I havent maxed this chip since my ram was CH5. With the right ram, i'm sure you'll see 2.7. The 35w 2400+ is pretty much the best AXP chip you can buy, and with this HS (and a good fan) you'll see nice results for sure. Let me know. It would be perfect if Loc baught the ram and I sold you the chip wouldnt it? :tooth:
  8. This stick works perfectly and is a great OCer. I would like to have 2x 256mb for it, i'd like some BH5 or something good like that. thx. I have heatware under "bmxer" and i have one of the best trader rating @ eocf.
  9. I didnt have a prob installing my RAID 0. My array was detedted as 400gb (or 386 mb?) like two 200g are supposed to be. Is there a way to just add the extra unallocated space to the 131gb with Windows media storage thing?
  10. ok, thanks alot. I will installed SP2 when I get home!
  11. Well, I HAD raid 0 working fine. But then I had a corrup Window's file apperently and couldnt boot into Window's. So now, I just want to run 1x HD, normaly, on port 3 or 4. So I load with Window's CD and format the drive, when formating is done, comp automaticly restarts so it can continue the install, but it just boots from CD... not continuing the install. It's just doing a loop of uselessness.
  12. I'll try that, but I have no problem with cold boot or saving bios settings. I guess my main prob is that I cannot seem to NOT boot from CD after formating a HD with windows CD. You understand?
  13. Yea, my Corsair stick works fine in my mom's computer (AthlonXP) but not at all in my DFI even with oldest or lastest BIOS.... What kind of HD's are you running?
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