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  1. (The reason the Toledo is sought after is the fact that if you have a Toledo core 3800/4200/4600 (half cache disabled) they only made these at the start of production, and so you have a early stepping, which tend to overclock better.) colelt1 Are you sure of the stepping? Mine is an E6 Stepping, system was only built back in Sept-Oct time frame? Still I get to 2.2 with ease and can go to 2.4 with little effort. I appreciate the info so far
  2. Anyone else have a Toledo Core on their 3800 model ? Just seeing what's out there. Most of the 3800 are Manchester. I have lucked out with a Toledo. Just wondering. I hear different heat issues and I wonder if it's based on the core. Also wondering about overclock rates based on the cores. Toledo Transistors 233.2 mln. @ 110 watts vs. Manchester Transistors 154 mln @ 89 watts. Some speculation is a partial disabled cache on the Toledo chips. I have a feeling these may be clocked down 4200, 4400 or even 4800 models I have seen some unreal overclocking on this chip 2.6-2.7 range and I would be interested to find out which core they are. I go to 2.3 with little or no problem. I can run std at 2.1 with no tweak. Thanks for any input.
  3. Palehorse Ok 120 mm 25 38 how thick? What are your CFM range? What are your DB levels your looking for? Ball bearing or sleeve? Panaflo is a hydro wave bearing and is the most quiet but also the most likely to fail. pressurized oil I buy fans for a electronic distributor. give me your wish list and I will look into some part #'s for you. LOL I have a stock scrap on NMB tomorrow I am grabbing some extra 120mm 80 mm & 92 mm. I buy EBM NMB/Panaflo Sanyo Nidec
  4. Thoughts? this is big for Nvidia in the chipset market A blow to ATI
  5. Well I tried all other fans and ideas I had it comes down to a defective CPU fan connection on the board. Monarch computers have RMA the board the ram and the CPU for a full test. I told them the way they shipped it that they possibly flexed the board causing a fracture in a tracer which after a few months of heating up and cooling down finally gave out. If I find out other wise I will post.
  6. Well I got info back from TT on this issue they want me to RMA the Fan back I said no way and from this point forward boycott any of their products. I am not happy with my case issue and now this. Anyways as for the Panaflo. wevsspot I appreciate your info Just an FYI Panasonic no longer makes these fans. A company which I buy as my job called NMB Technologies makes them for Panasonic. These fans use a hydro wave bearing which is compressed oil. In time they fail as the oil breaks down. I personally would use ball bearing over this hydro wave or sleeve bearing styled fan. My opinion but I have never seen many ball bearing fans fail compared to the Hydro wave or sleeve style fan. I buy over 2 million fans a year and see all the failures that come thru. Thanks all for your help I have a few Sanyo and NMB samples (not panaflo) coming in now to try and fix this issue as it is the fan that is the problem.
  7. Thanks for the info I am waiting for Thermaltake responses to this isuue. I will keep this in mind. I am really disapointed in thermaltake products to date now between this issue and the case I have I am not too impressed with their quality so far. I would call it [email protected]#&%* ^&3P
  8. 1 fan and it would be this cpu fan it's a 2 stage 2800 rpm @32C 5800 rpm @ 40c but at this point it will not even hit the 2800 min I have three others 2 = 120 mm and 1 80 mm all off the PSU directly
  9. I brought it down to 32 c on the full on to see what would happen but it only runs now at the std 2800 rpm ? should be at 5800 rpm at full on per Thermaltake specs. :confused:
  10. On startup of computer the fan boots up then comes down to about 100 rpms then dies. From there it runs around 900 rpm to 1100 rpm. I have a feeling it’s the fan and not the motherboard but I am asking if anyone else has had this issue. CPU at idle is 100 f or 38 c. Any ideas? I am going to try another fan to see if my thought on this is correct
  11. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 Good stuff :nod:
  12. Estimates but looks good for my reason to pick him. Manny Legacy CURRENT STATUS 2005-06 GPI W L OT Min SO GA SHA GAA SV% 15 12 2 0 861 2 29 361 2.02 .920 ON PACE GPI W L OT Min SO GAA SV% 74 59 10 0 4247 10 2.02 .920
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