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  1. Thank you for the all the useful info, technodanvan! I cleaned out my system, cleared/flashed my BIOS and in the process of it all, noticed that the card didn't appear to be making full contact with the PCI slot. I noticed this last night as I was putting it in but thought nothing of it as it was as far as I could insert it without breaking something. I don't see what is causing it to not make full contact, or if barely seeing a few of the PCI "pins" (the copper plated ones) means theres not full contact. I removed the end on the X-Fi that gets screwed into the PC case and it appeared to then make full contact, but I could shift the card in a swivel motion. Now I don't know if it's the card or the PCI slot, but I tried both of my PCI slots -- the card seemed to fit better in one than the other. So far, everything seems to be working fine, but I'm still annoyed that the card isn't seated "properly" and would rather return something sooner than later before a warranty runs out. Any ideas?
  2. The more I read, the more I see "unplug this then that" the more frustrating I am starting to become I posted this in this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55075 Since the DFI site isn't loading for me ATM, who do I contact for support with this? I read in a few other threads from various forums saying how other motherboard manufacturers released a fix for nF4 support w/ an X-Fi sound card but DFI has yet to do this. Is this correct? If so, I either need to get a new motherboard or return the sound card, as I need this machine for my job also... for now I'll just remove the sound card. Thanks in advance!
  3. But as it's extremely time consuming to try to sift through every X-Fi related issue on this board, I'll pool my experience in this thread with ya as it seems to be the same exact issue. I had my system running pretty flawlessly for the past year (nearly) until I had installed this X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card last night. I'm a hardcore gamer and the minute I loaded up my favorite game I had experienced a terrible "lag" or what would appear to be "caching". All the latest drivers and such, but I haven't updated my BIOS since the 6/23 version, so that's going to be my final attempt. I wrote a support e-mail to Creative and told them about how other nF4 users are having this problem and it needs to be resolved immediately as I'm ready to pack up this piece of junk and buy a $38 card instead. I've had issues with Creative and games for many years, actually, and I figured years of experience would of improved their support area... hopefully it has. I'll try some more tinkering and such, but we shouldn't have to do anything for an initial install. Good luck and keep me posted e-mail me at [email protected] if you want!
  4. Yeah mine's around the same as Redbeaver's ran... it's always at least 51C+ and goes up to 70ish for me.
  5. Stop making me drool guys CopyNinjaKakash, check this page out: http://www.guru3d.com/rivatuner I used that to overclock my 6600's a bit, even though they came OC'ed. There's a lot of other info on that site along with some nifty applications. Good luck!
  6. That looks like... well, I don't want to say the word, but it's what the toilet bowl at this Mexican restaurant looks like around 11pm on a Friday night...
  7. That's what I said... I thought it was going to be a regular update. What happened to games releasing new maps for free? :/ I still can't believe Special Forces is another $30... Still a fun game though, even though it costs a ton of $$ to run a ranked server and even more to buy the game and expansion. After $80+, you'd better be having fun
  8. Check your revision for your 3500+ on AMD Compare... I have the E6 and it will do to about 1.6GHz on 1.55V... anything more and you better have some good cooling and hope it doesn't fry out I stopped at 2.75GHz on 1.65V since I wanted to go for something higher, but it's more likely to fry out sooner than later. Good luck !
  9. Thanks for the input ! I'll have to wait until I get some spare ram also to see which is better now
  10. Well, I know that That's why I said Is there a way to import one or go by voltage readings or just sticking your hand in front of the fan and differentiating between slow/fast?
  11. Well, loosening the timings is sort of just trading off for a higher frequency though, right? I can understand bragging rights or performance boosts or "just because", but I just thought I missed something since there's a 1:1 fetish going around.
  12. Your 1st point is what matters the most to me -- you want to play a game without hiccups and runs smoothly on all occasions. Once you reach that point, THEN there is no more need for more FPS
  13. I've been reading a lot of posts and was wondering what is so appealing about running a 1:1 on loose timings than using a divider with tight timings? Angry's thread pretty much convinced me that the differences were negligible, so what'd I miss? :confused: I am just coming to the conclusion that it is bragging rights.. hehe. I'd rather run the memory at a lower clock speed instead of upping voltages and increasing its frequency which would in turn lower its life expectancy, right? Thanks for the patience
  14. Oh, the prices I saw gave about a $50-$100 difference, didn't know they were that cheap now. If you can get the Opteron for the same price as the 3500+, go for the Opty then I was just trying to make a point that the differences in processors don't really add up to much FPS gain, so get the cheaper one.
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