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  1. Yes definitely try that if you haven't already.
  2. Have you had a TW tech come out to your house to check signal strength? I have had similar problems with my RoadRunner connection a few years ago. Turned out there was a problem with the cable line running from the main cable line to my house. After the cable was replaced, the problem went away.
  3. I currently am using the sniper and I like it. Build quality is decent. Is there anything specific you want to know about? Otherwise that review you linked to sums things up pretty decently.
  4. Have you tried running the Western Digital diagnostic program on the hard drive? The software can be downloaded from http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?lang=en . This will tell you if it is the hard drive itself or if the data is just corrupted.
  5. I look forward to hearing how this works for you as I have been looking at doing something similar.
  6. If you are having problems with installing software from a CD/DVD, it is usually caused by one of three things: 1) The optical disk is dirty or scratched. Try cleaning the disk with a non-abrasive cloth. Also inspect the disk for lots of scratches 2) The drive's lense is dirty and needs to be cleaned with a lense cleaner 3) The drive itself is bad. This usually means you have to replace the whole drive. As for the a replacement drive, I would recommend you take a look at Samsung's offerings. I have found them to be good drives while remaining on the lower end of the price spectrum.
  7. That is what I would recommend as I find myself having to do that all the time as well.
  8. That looks like a pretty nice case. I might try to get one to play with.
  9. Nothing wrong with that! I can't believe you have held off this long? I know I would have installed the stock heatsink as soon as I got the components .
  10. Was the memory installed in the correct slots to be ran in dual channel mode? I have noticed that some motherboards will have issues if two sticks of different brands, capacity, specs, etc. The fact that both sets of ram work fine when the other is not installed when the other is not, lead me to that conclusion.
  11. Where are the pictures? And no worry about the small painting mishap. I've done that a time or two where I forget to cover stuff up and end up painting something I shouldn't have. Did you use cans of spray paint or did you use a spray gun?
  12. I was recently able to revive a friends old Dlink router by doing several hard resets. I thought it was toasted but tried one more time and it came back to life.
  13. Chances of that happening are slim. When I interviewed for Geek Squad (just to have an easy job because their solution to everything is reloading windows), I was told that I was "too qualified for the job"... Also, the first thing I would have told him to do was to get rid of Norton and download one of the many free antivirus programs out there. You might as well run without an antivirus if you are going to run Norton. Norton slows your computer down and is very ineffective at finding viruses...
  14. That is just Frozen CPU trying to make money. The Power Supply already comes with a 5 year warrantee and is already tested at the factory. However, it is possible that something could happen during shipping...
  15. I've always stuck the thermal probes on the bottom of the processor.
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