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  1. The 2 burners (NEC 3550A) are connected to one ide controller each, they are in DMA mode and most of the time everything is working just fine, I can burn 2 dvd's in 4x speed without any problems with dvd decrypter. But then all of a sudden it will stop working, the buffer will stop being supplied with data fast enough so burn speed drops and flucturates up and down. Even after a reboot this will continue to happen. After a few hours with only burning one dvd at the time it will then work fine again. I got 3 hdd's, a raptor 74gb and 2x maxtor dm10 300gb and the problems occours burning data from all of them. If I burn from from 2 different hdd's I don't seem to have the problem, thought I have rarely done this so I can't really be 100% sure of it. First I thought that perhaps the disk just couldn't deliver data fast enough, but I can burn with 16x speed on one of the drives without any problems, and when I got my 2nd burner I burned 2 dvds with 6x without any problems. Besides that I am able to copy 2 full dvd's into the same disk in 5 minutes, that's an average of ~11x speed and the max speed reaches ~15,8x speed. So I don't think it has anything to do with the disks. So maybe the pata or sata controllers? But since the burners have each their own pata controller and the hdds are on sata controllers that sounds wierd to me but what do I know.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, KroxX
  2. Hi there, I have the 1st set, but now one of the sticks have gone bad so I have to deliver it back to get fixed but I also have the option to get another of the sets listed below (and pay a little ~35$ extra) So, what do you say, should I make a small upgrade or just stick with the type I already got? Thanks, KroxX G.Skill Extreme 1GB FC PC4400 Dual DDR Package : 1024MB kit (2x512MB) dual channel pack IC Spec : Samsung CAS Latency : 2.5-4-4-8 (PC4400) Test Voltage : 2.7~2.9 V PCB Board : 6 Layers PCB Speed : DDR 550 MHz (PC4400) Type : 184-pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking : Non-ECC Registered/Unbuffered : Unbuffered Quality Control : Comprehensive rigorously tested in pair at dual channel environment Warranty : Lifetime Producent varenr: F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC G.Skill Extreme 1GB FR PC4800 Dual DDR Package : 1024MB kit (2x512MB) dual channel pack IC Spec : Samsung TCCD CAS Latency : 2.5-4-4-8 (PC4800) 2T Test Voltage : 2.7~2.9 V PCB Board : 6 Layers PCB Speed : DDR 600 MHz (PC4800) Type : 184-pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking : Non-ECC Registered/Unbuffered : Unbuffered Quality Control : Comprehensive rigorously tested in pair at dual channel environment Warranty : Lifetime Producent varenr: F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR Pakning: Retail G.Skill Extreme 1GB LE PC4400 Dual DDR IC Spec: Samsung TCCD (DDR500 Chip) Quality Control: Comprehensive rigorously tested in pair at dual channel environment Package: 512MB kit (2x256MB) 1024MB kit (2x512MB) dual channel pack CAS Latency: 2-2-2-5 (PC3200) CAS Latency: 2.5-3-3-7 (PC4400) Test Voltage: 2.65~2.85 V PCB Board: 6 Layers PCB Speed: DDR 400 MHz (PC3200) Speed: DDR 550 MHz (PC4400) Type: 184-pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking: Non-ECC Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered Warranty: Lifetime Producent varenr: F1-3200DSU2-1GBLE Pakning: Retail
  3. I haven't cleared the cmos but I'm using the same slot since the one orange slot just beeps when I use that. (Is that normal?) Just played Counter-Strike for over an hour and it's still running fine. Will run prime95 over night to make sure the problem is solved. Appreciate all the help from you guys!
  4. Switched over to the other stick now and it seems to run alot better, been running the OCCT torture test for more than 15 minutes now and still going strong.
  5. I've tried to install the latest chipset drivers and gfx drivers but still the same. I'm now back to running at my OC settings and here are the temps: CPU: 25 RAM: 32 CHIPSET: 48 all in celcius. Computer has been in the same spot all along, no lans or anything. I tried removing 1 stick of ram and the computer gave a repeating ring when I tried to boot, I then tried to move the remaining stick to the other orange slot and it worked fine. (The slot closest to the edge of the MB) I then tried to play a game and it lasted for about 15 minutes before it rebooted which is about the longest time the computer have been running all day..
  6. This has been my settings for the last few months:
  7. nope, haven't installed anything at all. never heard anything about the CPU only being able to handle it for a such a short period of time. :/
  8. Been running it stable for several months now. It's been on pretty much 24/7 the whole time and there have never been any problems. Suddently last week outta nowhere it just rebooted, I didn't really put anything into it until it happened more and more often. I kept backing down the OC and now I'm all the way down to 200htt and it still reboots. It fails in spi 1m and OCCT torture test stops within a few seconds saying: "CPU not stable!!! bla bla. It generated a computation error.. bla bla" There doesn't seem to be any specific pattern to the reboots, sometime when I play a game other when it's just running bittorrent. Anybody have any ideas as to why this suddently happens? Thanks, KroxX
  9. Actually that's not quite right, if you look at this thread you'll see an explanation for how the deviders exactly works. Look for the posts by 'deeppow'. Thanks for all your help & time, KroxX
  10. Nice job, trying it out now. Looks great so far. Cheers, KroxX
  11. Well I went ahead a bought them, seems to be running fine so far. Cheers, KroxX
  12. These have gotten good reviews, would they be good with my current rig? I'm delivering my current ram back to get some better. http://www.gskill.com/f1-4400dsu2fc.htm Thanks, KroxX
  13. I thought deviders were dependant on the HTT, so if I were running 300 and I had a 5:6 devider, then that would mean: 300/6*5=250. But apparently that is not the caise? I've tried searching the forums but can't seem to find anything that explains it. Any help to explain this to me would be much appreciated. Thanks, KroxX
  14. Ok, I just discovered something really odd! HTT: 290 RAM devider: 5/6 CPU multiplier: x7 memtest reports the ram to run: 225MHz (DDR451) HTT: 290 RAM devider: 5/6 CPU multiplier: x8 memtest reports the ram to run: 232MHz (DDR464) HTT: 290 RAM devider: 5/6 CPU multiplier: x9 memtest reports the ram to run: 237MHz (DDR474) That isn't normal behavior is it? Or is there something I have misunderstood? Thought the ram speed was entirely dependant on the HTT speed?
  15. I'm now trying back at 5/6 again but with the CPU multiplier @ 8x. Will run prime95 till tomorrow to see if it's stable.
  16. I tried running 3dmark05 and it completely froze up. My LDT multi is at x3. Thanks, KroxX
  17. The CPU is 24h prime95 "In-place large FTTs" stable & the RAM is 24h prime "blend" stable on the 247HTT settings I mentioned earlier. Thanks, KroxX
  18. First I ran memtest Test #8 ~15times and then Test #5 ~40 times. Then I ran all the tests 5 times before running prime95 from last night till I got home from work today, which was 14 hours I believe. Mind you this was on the 247 HTT settings, but I had the same problems with that before my current 250HTT settings. With these I only had the patience to wait ~2,5h in prime95 blend along with the memtest tests. Thanks, KroxX
  19. Ok, I'm now trying 9/10 @ 275 HTT and seems alot more stable, its in windows now and I'm just running a Torture test to see if it's gonna last.
  20. Yes, only problem is that I tested the ram with the devider on, just lowered the multiplier to 7x and everything works fine. :confused: Shouldn't this be enough to confirm that the devider works? Thanks, KroxX
  21. Hehe, actually I spend 3 days just trying to get the last 3 HTT I wanted, not on the whole OC. No, the sticks are not tccd, I have no idea really what they are and apparantly nobody else has. :confused: I actually just hit the 250 mark!! wohoo. After reading alot of the tref discussions I set it to auto. That together with relaxing a few other settings made it work!! Now I just have another problem which I've had before, whenever I set the CPU/HTT Frequency back up to 9 everything goes bad. Even when I lower HTT to 280 (5:6 233MHz) it's highly unstable. How can that be? I get the RAM & CPU stable individually, but when I take them together it just doesn't work. Am I missing something here?? Thanks, KroxX
  22. For the last 3 days I've been trying to hit the HTT 250 mark with these ram, and I just can't get it stable past the 247. I must have rebooted atleast 200 times by now, so I'm hoping someone inhere have some good ideas before I go insane. Motherboard: DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D Bios: 623-1 CPU: 3000+ Venice ADA3000DAA4BW GFX: ASUS Extreme AX700/TD 256MB OS: Windows XP Professional SP2 w. all updates Ram: GSKILL 2x512mb pc3200 dual F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX (former: F1-3200PHU2-1GBLA) Chipset Drivers: 6.66 DRAM Timings: DRAM Frequency Set: 200 (1:1) CPC: Enabled Tcl: 2.5 Trcd: 04 Tras: 08 Trp: 04 Trc: 10 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 02 Twr: 02 Twtr: 01 Trwt: 02 Tref: 2064 Twcl: 01 DRAM Bank Interleave: Enabled Dynamic Skew Control: Increase Skew Skew Value: 255 DRAM Drive Strength: Level 7 DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 1 Max Async: 07 DRAM Response Time: Normal Read Preamble: 05 IdleCycle Limit: 256 Dynamic Counter: Disabled R/W Queue Bypass: 16 X Bypass Max: 07 X 32 Bit Granularity: Disabled(4 Bursts) Voltages etc: HTT: 247 LDT: X 3.0 CPU Multiplier: X 7.0 PCI-e: 100 Vcore Startup: 1.500V Vcore: 1.500V Vcore Special: Auto (100%) LDT V: 1.3V Chipset V: 1.7V Vdimm: 2.8V Thanks, KroxX
  23. This is my first OC ever so need a little help. I've managed to get it up to 2,7GHz where it completed SuperPi 32M, but when running OCCT it kept crashing, so now I've lowered it to 2,6GHz. I'm now aiming to get it prime95 24h stable, but need some help setting up prime95 to stress it to the max. I've searched the forums and found the password/priority 10 thingy, but can't seem to find anything about making it focus 100% on the CPU. I'm currently running the "In-place large FFTs" option in Torture Test. Is this the best, or should I make some custom settings? info on the OC: Core Speed: 2610 MHz Multiplier: x 9.0 HTT: 290 LDT: x 3 Vcore: 1.475V LDT Voltage: 1.3V Chipset: 1.6V Ram devider: 1/02 CPU Temp idle/load: 28C/38C Any other good hints would ofcourse be very much appreciated. Thanks, KroxX
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