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  1. Ohhhkaaay. I'm only a little confused now. A fresh install of Win2k boots up buttery smooth. I f5'd and selected ACPI multiprocessor and that's exactly what it's recognized as. The hardware panel in System Properties recognizes my X2 as well. I'd much prefer to run XP as 2k isn't supported anymore, so any clues on how to get XP to boot on this hardware?
  2. ACPI uniprocessor shuts down even faster than the rest. I guess I'll try installing win2k.
  3. I've noticed it does slow down pretty bad while installing sometimes. Seems pretty random though. When you were installing, did you hit f5 at the start and choose any of the options? I tried MPS multiprocessor and ACPI multiprocessor, neither of which made any difference. I'm trying ACPI uniprocessor next. At least there's still new stuff to try.
  4. Ohhhhhh dear. Looks like I should have read this thread a long time ago: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19768 I'd love to try booting the thing with APIC disabled, but it's darkened in the BIOS and I can't switch it off.
  5. Benq isn't allowed in my house. It's a Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM slot-loader. Couple years old.
  6. Bumped up the voltages: CPU 1.4, VDIMM 2.7, chipset 1.6 Still the same problem. This just has to be drivers. I tried looking at nvidia.com and came up with nothing. Why aren't any mods posting, do I have something in my teeth?
  7. mmbump Can anyone tell me if there are any negative side-effects to using my LP NF2 to get windows onto my raptor then running it on the NF4? I would have to use the NF2 SATA non-RAID drivers. I'm desperate enough to do it.
  8. OK! This is me going crazy. 4th install, full format. Tried the optical drives on IDE 2 this time. Then after the install removed them entirely. I could really use some help.
  9. I did a full format the first time, quick formats thereafter. Going for number 4! Full format this time too. I'm beginning to think that installing a new windows was a horrible idea to begin with. Maybe I'll plug my NF2 back in, format to XP, install nothing, then swap back to the NF4. Brilliant! I'll be up all night, too. Thanks for all the advice, btw. I wonder if I'll get any 'official support' any time soon, I'm gonna bump this sucker for so long. But yeah, keep those ideas coming!
  10. Ok, third install attempt done. This time it got to the Windows XP screen with the little loading bar and then rebooted. (and rebooted and rebooted) I forgot to mention something very important: I had win2k on there prior to upgrading my hardware. I was expecting to have to reformat coming off my LP NF2, but I tried starting up on the new hardware just for kicks. It started up fine and just detected a ton of new devices, so I don't think the issue is with the RAM or PSU. Gonna ask again: Is there a SATA non-raid driver I can use from a floppy at the start of the windows install?
  11. Yep, just the raptor. I guess I'll try another install. Getting desperate after 6 hours. I'm not using any driver disks pre-install like I did on my nforce2. I'd like to try one (non-RAID) What should I use?
  12. Ok, starting to bother me a bit. I flashed to 6/23-3, loaded optimized defaults, and it's behaving exactly the same, save that the RAM only works in slot 2 and my CPU is now recognized in the POST. What's next?
  13. I've got a floppy drive on the way over, I'll do the BIOS ASAP. I am only running the 1 hd at present. The RAM is only 1 stick and I've tried it in slots 1 and 2.
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