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  1. Im after one and only can find one on ebay and have to order it from the states which is quiet a large P&P, I cant find any to buy in the UK or even europe!!! Does anyone know anywhere? Here's the one im after http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...0008742635&rd=1
  2. Yes, TD1 revision seems to have ironed it out but nothing on what was causeing the problem in the first place
  3. You know what, i have strange problems sometimes but i just put it down to windows generally. I wonder if your onto something there. Azureus is the main problem. BSOD's/freezez or crashes for no reason. 1 minute in to hours in. Very strange. Wish i had somemore memory try out and test it but i dont
  4. You using the orange slots? Your the first person ive seen have any kind of problem with TD1's!
  5. You got problems you say? If you have the TD ones and not TD1's they may be failing. If you just want them run, Just stick them on auto and keep them below 250 haha
  6. Yes it is, Just had teething problems so to speak lol Not sure where get them from now. Crucial mainly concentrate on DDR2 now like most companies
  7. Cheers, I'll have a look at that now Sorrento - Yes, Games arnt so bothered anymore as you say, But it helps with Adobe Production Suite, I can be encoding with premier on one CPU, leaving the other to continue working say in After Effects which are both VERY power hungry. Another 2GB of ram would be optimal for that but 4GB runs slow so ill wait for my next serious upgrade before going 4GB when you can get decent 4GB kits i think. Just going get either R600/G80 next year when there's a game worth playing in DX-10. Said im not EVER buying another EA product so crysis wont be one. Plus that another game that all fgancy graphics, i bet its not very good content/story wise. Its EA here!!! haha. Alamn Wake looks interesting though BTW, NICE ONE BUDDA, That prograsm works sweet as a nut Cheers for that
  8. Yes there is, thats what im saying haha. MS's imagecfg.exe does for starters, Only as i wrote above, It only lets you set what core and you cant use folders that have 'spaces' in them. SO best way is to put it in the working directory of everything you want to set it to and run it from there (In your shortcut). THe one im on about lets you set other options as well such as priority and other things. Damn i wish i knew the name of it. You know what im saying??? i.e "C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindMorrowind Launcher.exe" becomes {PROGRAM.EXE} 1 1 "C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindMorrowind Launcher.exe" So whe you click the shortcut, it runs from Core0 at Normal Priority (1 1). So 2 1 would be Core1 at normal Priority. Once its set in the shortcut of your programs, you dont have to run anything else or do it in taskmanager all the time. That MS one will do fine though, i'll use that
  9. Well Ill go through that page, but Azureus doesnt like running on both cores on mine for some reason. Blue screens of death or computer freezes after a bit. Set it to single core its fine. I dont actually play BF2 anymore though and that was the worst culprite with Duel Core but things have got alot better since installing the latest drivers as well. Still like to do it with Adobe though, Do my video on one core and work on the other core at the same time, Stops it from slowing down as much, it does have its uses
  10. SOrry mate Performance! So i can run azureus on say Core0 and games on Core1, Or when im using Adobe Production Studio, I can set individual programs to use seperate cores. I get better performance that way but setting it up everytime you run the god damn things all the time is a pain in the butt. Annoying. Before i had it set in the shortcut on my descktop for whatever i wanted run Your the guy from the bad Crucial memory i've just noticed. Eventually got a good pair with these TD1's THey kick butt
  11. No, cause again, you have to load it up and set it all the time. Task Manager can do that! Not bad find for someone without a duel core processor though, Cheers for trying The microsoft one will have to do, But i know theres a better one out there, Frustrating with having had it already before
  12. Yes, thats imagecfg.exe which is very simalar to what im on about but is limited. That one doesnt allow folders with spaces i.e. c:program files, and neither does it let you set the priority. You have to put an instance of the file in every folder of the programs you want to run. I so wish i kept a note of the name, its about a 200K file for crying out loud haha. I was hoping someone wopuld know what i mean, Allk i can find now is programs that do exactly what Task Manager can do already or you have to run the program first then choice what you want run from your favourite's. All workd but its easier just to set it in the shortcut and forget about it
  13. Nar, non of them are the one im after It's just a file and you just run it in the shortcut of the program you want to run with the commands you want. It's the best one i've seen and simple. Set it and forget about it, unfortunatly i did forget about it and the name of it haha
  14. Hi, I used to use a program to set the Affinity on my processor permantly (i.e Azureus on CPU0 and BF2 on CPU1). It was a command line thing where you typed the path to it in the shortcut of the program you wanted run with the commands. (i.e "C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" would become c:*name of program* 0 1 "C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" to set it to normal CPU0) I cant remeber the name of it it and cant find it searching, Can someone help me? Or is theres better piecve of software available now Cheers
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