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  1. would a pair of these mount on a lanparty sli-dr with no clearance issues. my pair of 7800gtx's seem to get into the mid 70's C when playing NFS MW
  2. sweet feathery jebus - is there anything you don't know about graphics cards?u
  3. Does anyone know if there are any current generation graphics cards that will support Direct X 10 that will be shipping with Windows Vista? Is a hardware upgrade probable in the near future for anyone wanting to run the latest and greatest - or are current gpu's able to run the DX10 spec with mearly a driver upgrade. Thanks. B
  4. did you disable you AV before uninstall and during install - not doing so can cause driver install problems b
  5. another meg of ram - let me see if I can find that 30-pin SIMM. I know it's here somewhere. to answer your question - more ram makes everything happier not just games. do the ram - then the vid
  6. Same version as previous - any differences? New date on Nvidia site Release Highlights: WHQL Certified Adds support for GeForce 7800 GS AGP Application compatibility fixes. For a full list of fixed and known issues please view the Release Notes. Mixed vendor support for NVIDIA SLI. TV-Out/HD-out support for NVIDIA SLI. Added support for VSync on Direct3D games when running NVIDIA SLI. Performance enhancements for dual-core CPUs. PureVideo high definition MPEG-2 de-interlacing support. Usability enhancements when connecting to an HDTV. Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support
  7. some hdd and mem test something in an everest suite pcmark boot times a dvd rip / burn a photshop script thanks thunda
  8. Will I be able to pop in a Creative X-FI card and experience no problems. I plan to unintall the drivers for the K daughter board and then physically remove it. Will it work, will all go well. I have read about problems. Are they still around, or does anyone have a better sound suggestion. Thanks. Barrett
  9. I was looking at the other 3dMark06 thread and at 15 pages+ , it is becoming quite the discussion. I was hoping for a thread that only showed results. Here is my score. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=86860 Rig in sig.
  10. tried a fresh Windows install? kicking it? disconnect external drives, usb devices, etc? - I've seen conneted ipods slow down boot times to a crawl. how come the sig police have not attacked yet? lucky bas$#@
  11. Awhile back I asked wheather or not I should install the X2 driver and the hotfix. I stated my system was stable and all was working well. BF2 played fine and Need for Speed most wanted played great as well. I was prime stable and all was good. I installed the driver and hotfix anyway. HOLY CRAP what a difference. Everything is much smoother in games, jumps and lag that were barely precivable or so I thought - once gone proved to be a HUGE imporvement. In Need for speed most wanted, my times on a particular race dropped by 15s a 2min 30s race that I could just hardly win became a 2min 15sec race that is so much more contrallable and extremly smooth. So the point of my thread is this: Even if you don't believe that you need the X2 driver or the hot fix TRY THEM BOTH - what a difference, I thought my computer was silky smooth before, now it's a dream. DO IT DO IT. This is the best impovment to my comp since overclocking. I was amazed. Not to mention my 3dMrak05 score impoved 400 points. Time to update my sig. Barrett
  12. thanks for the link. bought. give him my rig, noooooooooooo it's like a child- long sleepless nights oc'ing feeding it more volts cursing it when it starts crying - boo hoo, I refuse to do anything over 241x11 loading it up with information, bf2 cod2, oh and some work
  13. sounds great - i hope it's easier to mount than that damn Hyper 6+
  14. So I have the Coolermaster Hyper 6+ thanks to Maximum PC's review. It does a great job, however it was a huge PITA to install. I don't quite want to spend $60 on him but he is going into the military and hey, I'm not -so I figured that he deserves something nice. Any ideas. I'll get him a CM but everyone else here seems to cream about the Zallmans. So let me know what the best deal is. He is currently running the stock HS and fan on his 4200+ so I would like to get him some good air so we can begin the OC. Thanks in advance. Barrett
  15. I really enjoyed modding my CM Stacker. Tons of room, lots to paint. Great for air or water and dual PSU's. Easy to mod for acrylic side panel. See this thread! Barrett
  16. Some requested changes. Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Original Barrett
  17. is you switch to the 3dmark profile in the forceware?
  18. See the X2 CPU driver and Windows Hotfix threads. They address issues about gaming problems with dual core CPU's. Barrett
  19. If I install another pair of OCZ Plat., 2x1GB, to bring me up to 4GB, will my OC, be affected? My mem is not running too fast as it is, I am just wondering if I will lose CPU mhz? Do you guys thinks it's worth it to upgrade? I have those to empty slots and they are just begging to be filled by Santa!! Barrett
  20. sounds odd cac - seems like every system has a mind of its own
  21. I guess I'll leave it be. Thanks. BTW- my sig is now 49KB down from the 9400 baud killing 51.21KB
  22. I looked all over for the sig rules and just copied someone elses. What is the size limit?
  23. Has anyone installed the drive who was NOT having any trouble? My comp is rock solid - Stress Prime 16hr+. 3DMark over 13000+. BF2 flawless. i'm just wondering if I will see any performace gains or any other benefits by installing the CPU driver or the Windows hotfix. Any advice is repaid with recycled beer. Thanks. Barrett
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