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  1. SWEET! Just found the solution on the web. In this forum. Hope this helps anyone w/ a similar problem.
  2. Start w/ 1 stick in. Run it for a few days and see if you get the same error. Then try the other stick. MemTest doesn't catch EVERY error, so even if it passes MemTest there is a possibility your RAM still could be 'bad.' Only flash your BIOS as a last resort. I would suggest using Driver Cleaner Pro to completely remove all your drivers. Then reinstall your chipset and graphics drivers.
  3. LOL Don't tell me that. I had a hell of a time setting up RAID again. I stored all my music and files on my Maxtors. Had to reinstall RAID because of a fault SATA Cable!!! Lost all my music and files. I was playing w/ that thing for over 2 hours to get RAID setup. Worst install of my life!
  4. I recently installed XP after a reformat. Got Windows up and running as well as many of my applications. Then I got to my iTunes CD trying to load the iPod and software. And POOF, both of my optical drives are gone. I look in Device Manager, it says Windows loaded the drivers for this hardware but cannot locate the device. It has exclamation points next to it in yellow --> '!' I tried unplugging them and plugging back in. The only thing I can think of is that I might have turned something off in the BIOS. I've checked my Boot Priority many times. So it knows they're there, but can't make them work. Any suggestions? Or am I just being stupid?
  5. From completely OFF, pressing the Power Button it takes me 29 secs to get to the Desktop and be able to use Apps. The Blue Windows Bar goes across the screen once. Note: I do have the RAID screen come up for a few seconds. Damn that RAID!
  6. I have had the BSOD "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" That usually means either an IRQ is being shared or your OC is too much. I've had to drop me OC down to 2.7ish. That was my only option because my video card is in the top slot while my X-FI is in the very last slot (Bottom). So I didn't think they could be sharing. I even went into Device Manager and saw they weren't sharing. But recently did a fresh install of XP and got a "Pagefile" and "IRQL" BSOD while in Windows but was doing a few things at once w/ the Registry and other installs at the same time. So I figured that was a mistake on my part. Haven't received a BSOD since. Running fine. To answer your question BigKohones, uninstall all NVidia Drivers (Both Chipset and Graphics) and reinstall WITHOUT the SW Driver. I've seen many posts in these forums regarding the SW Driver giving them problems. Hope that helps you out.
  7. Very interesting input. I appreciate your help. KimTjik...how do I go about 'saving BIOS settings?' I always just hit f10 to save and exit. I never knew you could save different configurations.
  8. I'm in need of a reformat and fresh install of XP. My rig is OC'd and need to know if I should set my BIOS back to Optimized Defaults. I'm assuming installing Windows while OC'd will create instability. Am I assuming correctly? Or will this not be a big deal?
  9. Yankee

    64bit drivers

    If I get that Trial Version, will I only be able to use it for a certain amount of time? Or does it mean the Trial Version is a little different from the OEM product?
  10. Yankee

    64bit drivers

    Trial = Free I presume? How much is x64?
  11. Yankee

    64bit drivers

    This might be a stupid question, but is this still the Beta Version? Or has it been released already? Where did you guys get it from?
  12. Alright, I clocked my card at 485/1250 now and played BF2 for a few hours last night w/ no problems. I have not ran the benches yet. I'll try to get around to that when I have the time... and patience. I changed image settings to 'high performance' but left AA and Filtering on 'Application Controlled.' I think changing the clock speed should help. I think I pushed it to its breaking point. I would start seeing artifacts after the card would heat up for a few hours. So it was time to back it off a little. I'll keep you guys posted.
  13. Alright, forgive my ignorance but where would I find the NVidia Adapter tab? And turning off AA and Antisotropic filtering... will that turn it off in Windows? Or are you telling me to turn that off in BF2? Because I have both ON in BF2. And where would I find image settings?
  14. Very good information. I will take this all into consideration. I never knew the NVidia Drivers did that. Definitely good to know. I might just drop the OC down to 480/1250 to be safe and leave it there. The only reason I OC'd anything was to see high benches. As long as I can keep my CPU OC, I'm content. haha I'll still be able to run all BF2 settings on HIGH. If this works, which I believe it will, you won't hear a peep from me. I truly appreciate all the input everyone has given here.
  15. Absolutely! Also, a Thanks to you KimTjik. I just never figured an OC'd video card could create a BSOD. I always thought it was due to RAM or data corruption. I'm still learning, give me time and patience please.