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  1. Just bumping this thread; I'm currently experiencing this issue, with my 6800GT inno3d. It won't POST when cold boot, though I can clearly hear the system booting, till windows. But heck, no screen whatsover. Tried many things, including the DVI/VGA adapter trick. Still, it won't boot up sometimes. Currently posting with my old PCI_VGA_emergency_card Edit: sig.
  2. Alright Thanks a lot for all this advices. I'll give it a try today, I'm currently at job so won't be able to create now a descent sig with all the correct specs (don't know all of them by heart). Anyway, I'll start looking on recommended PSUs +1 , correct. Just asked my bro to plug off all usb devices, and POST was ok. On my way to buy a descent PSU, will see if it changes anything. Again, thanks a bunch for the tip
  3. Hi all First, let me tell you that I am french, and as such, do not blame me if you've got some problem of understanding. I'll do my best to depict my poor situation. I recently bought a DFI nf4 motherboard (NF4 Ultra-D to be precise), with a core venice amd64 3500+. RAM modules are coming from an ancient comp, that is, a 1Gb 3200C2 Corsair modules. My PSU is a 20 pins ATX. Installed all the components together, and turned on the machine. Problem starts here: I never get past the bootsplash screen (with DFI lanparty written on it), but, I still get the "one beep" ok right after it. Tried many things. Putting the ram modules in orange or yellow slot, fake reboot, clear CMOS (jumper and more "complex" method), but didn't solve the issue. Boot hangs up on bootsplash. Concerning diagnostic leds, the last one is lit when boot crashes; according to manual, the boot process hangs up on VGA detection. Still, I only have one PCIex GC with me, and don't have another one to spare in order to test it elsewhere. Same problem happens with a simple PCI card though. All power supply slots on mb are connected, except the fact that I'm using a 20 pin ATX PSU, 365W enermax. Right now, I'm stuck with it. I'm posting this issue on the forum in order to get some help, since I can't clearly locate the problem, whether it's coming from RAM modules, VGA card, or 20 pin ATX PSU. Thanking you in advance for any help you may bring
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