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  1. Yup...power supply. Got rid of the Antec Smaretpower 2.0 (Which, according to reviews on Newegg, most die within the year like mine obviously did) with a new one. Hooray for power!
  2. Hey guys. My girl shut my computer down, and now the PC won't power on. The motherboard light does come on however. But there are no beeps, no fans whirring. Nothing. Just happened out of the blue after about 1.5 years. Everything is connected and and the RAM and videocards , etc. are seated properly. CMOS battery? Bad power supply? (Antec SmartPower 2.0)
  3. Installed the cooler, and the card decided to stop working all together. Solution? Bought a BFG 7900GS. Problem solved until I upgrade to PCI-E or whatever the hell the format is going to be by next year.
  4. Huh. Well, in My Computer, the WD HD isn't even shwoing anything on it. It keeps asking me to re-format it. I'm not sure where to change it in DOS. Guess I'll deal with it until I build another system.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean. What steps do I need to take to just boot this sucker from SATA 3? If I unplug the second IDE (WD HD) nothing shows up on my screen. I don't need the second drive taking up space in my case. Hey! I rhymed, yo!!
  6. Nope. Still doing it. I think the card is just dying on me. I'm going to purchase a Zalman VF700-CU cooler to see if it helps. If not, I'm going to ride it out until my PCI-E machine is built, and will not be buying XFX products again.
  7. My Maxtor is hooked up in SATA 4, and has all my data on it. The WD HD is on Secondary IDE and is wiped clean, yet my computer won't post or boot unless it's plugged in. Why is this? If I don't need the HD in my computer cae, then what do I have set wrong in my BIOS?
  8. Hi guys. I'm looking to build another computer (My stats are below for the one I'm running now.) I'm going to buy a new PCI-E motherboard (Socket 754 to use with my current CPU, and my XFX 6800gt is turning into a piece of crap), and want a new case, but not sure what to get. Something with sufficient enough cooling, alot of room and USB 2.0. Any recommendations? This is the case I currently have now. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811156135 Too many out there to choose from. Price is not an issue and I don't care if it comes with a PSU since I'll be getting the Antec Truepower one. I have the Smartpower, but I think the 6800gt is still too much of a power hog for it. Thanks!
  9. Huh. I cleaned up the wires and tied everything together better. No more hiccups. Must have been a wire touching something.
  10. Drivers have been the same since I installed them in October ( So I haven't messed with or tried reinstalling them. I'll give that a shot. It's not overclocked, and I haven't messed with the voltage settings, since I don't know how to and I'd probably fry myself.
  11. I've had the XFX 6800gt for about 6 months now, powered by the Antec Smart Power PSU. Lately, when playing Counter-Strike, the game will pause intermittently, and I'll hear a beep coming from the computer. Which indicates to me that my card isn't getting enough juice. It used to at first, but now its acting all wacky. Also, the DVI connector seems to be weird because my monitor will go black sometimes and I have to mess with the connector. Bad video card? I'm eventually going to upgrade to PCI-E, but I'm wondering if I need an even bigger PSU, or if this card just gets so damn hot, it gives up after 5 minutes of playing when it used to work great. Any ideas? When I run Speedfan here's what it says about my voltage. I know nothing about voltage readings. VScore1: 1.49V VScore2: 1.60V +3.3V: 3.25V +5V: 4.95V +12V: 12.29V -12V: -9.23V -5V: -0.53V +5V: 4.97V Vbat: 3.07V
  12. No. Well, online poker but it's never done it before from that.
  13. This came out of nowhere and is annoying as hell. A window pops up during random porgrams and says: Server Busy This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem. Of course, hitting switch to just brings up my Start Menu. I've run SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor, and it's still there. Programs still run though, but it's annoying and I can't find a good link on the net on how to fix it. I know it's a Windows XP issue. Can anyone help? Service Pack 2 is on my computer. Like I said, this just recently popped up with no changes to my PC.
  14. The processor is great. Really fast. With the 16mg cache HD Windows will load in 10 seconds. Applications and games load very quickly. I'm really happy with the setup, it's just the quirks that are annoying. Finding the right drivers, etc. I've heard that DNA Drivers are good for 6800's but I'm weary of downloading drivers from different sources. Although some of those guys have solved the mini.sys driver issue that a lot of people were having from Nvidia's driver set. I am going to buy a Zalman VF700-CU cooler for the 6800gt. Looks like it will help with that issue. The -12 reading I'm not sure what to do with. How is it a problem?
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