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  1. Awesome guide. My nf4 chipset temp went from 50 degrees (all the time more or less). To like 41 idle and 45 load No more noisy fan on my part
  2. dunno, it came recommended
  3. ok so here comes another question (oh no), right now i have my LDT/FSB Freq ratio at 3x, and my FSB Bus freq is at 250, wich would make my "fsb" 750mhz right? Now stock fsb on this thing was 1ghz, will I get any performance increase at all if I change it to 4x to get 1ghz "fsb"? Or does it have anything to do with stability etc
  4. well just kind of "reporting in", just finished an 8 hour stability test with my cpu at 250x11 (2750mhz), Vcore at 1.66V or something, and load temp after 8 hours was something like 45, though after sleeping for 8 hours with that thing working I think my room temperature must have been like 30 degrees anyway. going to start on the RAM now, looked at some timings etc posted here earlier so I'm gonna try and hit for those
  5. ok another question comes to mind, im doing super-pi's now, if thunda ever reads this, I love your guide man Anyway back to the question, what's this stuff about burn-in, is it something I should do or is it rather risky and maybe not a good idea for a newbie like me? And: With my 2x512mb ocz 4000vx, what is the max voltage I should set my ram to? (safe voltage)
  6. yea sorry I forgot that, I'm using a thermaltek xp-120 inside an antec p180 case, with a nice thin layer of artic silver 5 on both the cooler and the cpu works great imo
  7. new bios worked wonders I think : D I'm on the way to my OC gauntlet now. Btw, 28-31 load temp is rather good right? for stock that is, wonder if it will increase by 20 degrees when I'm done
  8. I havn't touched any of the dram settings yet, but I'll look into flashing the bios. You said I should switch the ram to the yellow slots? wont that make them single channel and run slower? Or am I missing something there. So other than trying to set my ram ratio to 1/02 all other options in the bios are at default values
  9. no ones heard of this before? Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I followed that guide to the letter, and when I'd done the first changes, like moving the multiplier down from 5x to 3x and the fsb from 200 to 215 + the ram ratio to 1/02 it just wouldn't boot windows, or sometimes as mentionioned earlier not boot at all. Does it take like forver to write something to cmos? cause when I hit save and exit it would be in this "pre-boot" mode as I've tended to call it, when the fans run high etc, then normally the fans settle down and the Bios starts showing, but when I did save and restart it would just be stuck in that pre-boot mode, then I tried a cold reboot and it would show the bios info etc, and onto the next screen, where it would just reboot after a short while.
  10. yea sorry, got the real thing from that program now
  11. Well I've been going trough that guide posted at the top here by thunda and following it step by step, however when I came to the part where I'm supposed to put my ram ratio to 1/02 it made some problems for me. When I try to boot up my systems even with stock settings and ram ratio to 1/02 it either wont boot at all, or will pass bios but not boot windows. Does anyone know why this is?
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