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  1. After having SLI for two weeks, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It sucks big time. You cannot turn on Vsync for the majority of the games in SLI Mode. So as you can imagine texture tearing galore. The driver completely ignores the VSync option whether specified by the game or the Nvidia driver in SLI mode. You can get around it with some games by creating a custom profile and choosing a particular rendering mode, but at the cost of a big performance hit. Until Nvidia fixes this issue, I don't recommend SLI to anyone. Apprantly NVidia is working on a fix for this, but I won't hold my breath until I see it. If you want a good laugh follow this link and look at post 19. http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=7264
  2. Excuse me for being blind, but when I tried this power supply with my Lanparty UT SLI-DR, I couldnt fit the four prong motherboard powercable because the cable was actually 8 pronged and they ask you to put plug it in sideways with only 4 out of the 8 contacts plugged in. The problem is on my board at least, there is a Capacitor right next to the 4 pronged motherboards power connector prohibiting the installation, and the power supply DID NOT come with an adaptor. something that should be made clear to anyone planning on purchasing this powersupply. I tried the SLI version btw.
  3. Are you using two memory sticks? If so, try it with one stick, if it crashes, switch to the other stick. Try both Orange and Yellow slots individually to see if you get any more stable. I would also try Load Optimized defaults first before testing. I have to say though, 450Watts is kind of low. What is the amp rating on the +12V rail of your powersupply?
  4. Well, I for one am using the Thermaltake 680Watt powersupply in my system with SLI and have no problems with the powersupply.
  5. Do you by any chance have the Nvidia firewall installed? I had the same error messages before on my system. Without the NVidia firewall, they disappeared.
  6. Have you tried setting your speakers to quadrophonic or 5.1 (depending on what kind of speakers you have) in the audio control panel in windows?
  7. Retail CPU's don't usually come with paste. They come with a sticky material stuck on the bottom of the heatsink that you need to remove a protective layer from prior to placing on the CPU. They don't really do very good job of cooling down your CPU. My advice, get the Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease. The easiest way to drop your CPU temperatures without breaking the bank. You will need to scrape off the material that ships with the Retail CPU prior to applying the grease. check out www.arcticsilver.com
  8. If you just want to get up and running, the auto settings configure the RAM correctly with the proper timings. I use the same RAM on auto in my X2 4800+ and it picks up the right timings.
  9. That's exactly the floppy you need. SATA controllers are not natively supported under windows. You need to load the drivers from the floppy during the initial windows setup so it can recognize your SATA HDD.
  10. You need to hit F6 as soon as as you see the windows setup screen then hit s and insert your floppy supplied with the motherboard when you are prompted for additional devices and load the first 3 drivers.
  11. Don't be so quick to presume. I am not overclocking my system yet, I am seeing all these problems on my system. The links I included in the original post have users who are not overclocking yet experiencing the same issues.
  12. I've experienced the problems in Farcry as well, but have not had the chance to test that game yet with the affinity option. The problem is you need to play the game for 2 hours straight with no slow down/stuttering or other odd behaviour to consider it stable. Playing it for 15 mins might not reveal the problem. Personally, games start acting up after 30 mins to 45 mins of play with no affinity set to on their process. As you can imagine, it takes a while to test games during the weekdays.
  13. Tested Dungeon Siege II last night and my stuttering problems went away by binding affinity to processor 0.
  14. Check out this thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22682 Might be CPU related. You might be confusing lag for FPS drop.
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