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  1. The whole problem was that both optical drives werent allowing me to install the drivers. I had initially tried using the supplied DFI CD. When that refused to work in either computer I burnt the nVidia supplied ones onto a CD using the other computer because I didn't know how quick I could get the internet up and running on the new one. While the burnt CD was able to be read, the nVidia file didn't want to shift to the HDD. Now, I realise that XP had assigned the HDD the letter 'I'. The traditional 'C' was assigned to one of the card reader slots. So, I assume that the optical drives were trying to write to 'C' which was an empty card reader. That also explains why, when I tried to install stuff that actually was on the HDD, it asked that I insert a disk. The exe file was default trying to install on C, which was of course the empty card reader. Once I realised this, I made sure the .exe file was installing on 'I'. The original thread is in a forum that requires registration to view. But, everything that happened in that thread is in my first post. And they did not help as much as people here did. I dunno if there actually is a problem with one of the optical drives, I shall investigate further. But, at least I got a few good updates with all this. I don't suppose there is a quick and easy way I can reassign 'C' to the hard drive and some other letter to the card reader slot? Just so I can avoid this complication in the future?
  2. I think you misunderstood me, I meant I had tried the DFI CD in another computer and it had also rejected it. The optical drives do not appear in the 'Problem Devices' section. However, something must be up, all those cdrom errors can't be explained away due to the HDD having an unusual letter. Reason for that was Windows assigned 'C' to one of the card reader slots. So the HDD got 'I'.
  3. Sorry for the double post, but it seems to be solved. I'm not sure if this explains the errors in the optical drives, but here is what happened. Windows Update installed and I went to try the nVidia drivers again. It went through the usual things (before the stage the error kicked in) and I hit 'Install'. It didn't come up with the same error this time, it instead said there was not enough space on the HDD. I went to check the HDD and of course there was plenty of space. Then I spotted that Windows had designated the HDD as 'I'. I smelt a rat and returned to nVidia setup. Sure enough, it was trying to install it to 'C', which of course didn't exist. I altered the installer to go to 'I'. It successfully started to install, only to stop again because it wanted DirectX 9. I'll let you know how it goes. And, if this was the cause of all the problems, I feel stupid for wasting everyones time.
  4. I certainly don't question it, that is almost exactly the order in which I did everything. Except for the XP update, I did not have the CD needed for my DSL modem at that point, I only found it recently and it (for some reason) worked fine. I am updating XP right now. Yes you are steering me right, and I appreciate this a lot. I take it you are referring to the 'Error' ones? Bad block....of memory? That mean the cache on it? What about all the 'Warnings', the one identifying a paging error? I assume the two are related. Okay, how do I know which drive it is? 'cdrom3' does not help much. How do I figure out whether it is the DVD-RW or the DVD-ROM? And, why would a faulty optical drive affect the functionality of those drivers on the HDD? EDIT: Although it don't matter now, yes the IDE cable is in properly, and neither drive has a /! on it in the device manager.
  5. Okay, have been to the Event Viewer. There were one or two errors/warnings that related to Network/Infrared stuff. Then there were sections of nothing but Errors or Warnings. All the errors (I think, there were so many) were this: --------------------------------------------------------------- The device, DeviceCdRom3, has a bad block. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. -------------------------------------------------------------- All the Warnings (ditto) were like this: ---------------------------------------------------- An error was detected on device DeviceCdRom1 during a paging operation. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. ------------------------------------------------------ Okay, now that's some progress, even though I have no clue what to do next. But why on Earth would this affect stuff already on the HDD?
  6. I downloaded them fresh, and ran the file. On the part where it asks you to choose a folder, this is what was displayed in an error window: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (X) There is no disk in the drive.Please insert a disk into drive DeviceHarddisk1DR2. [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No matter what button I press, the same message pops up. It does not go away.
  7. I have updated the firmware, but it has not worked. I tried using the burnt copy of the nVidia drivers, same thing happened, it got stuck half way through copying it to the HD. I'm not sure downloading them direct to the computer will work. I just tried installing a copy of Adaware that was downloaded directly to the new computer. It installed, and when it tried to start itself, that very same 'There is no disk in the drive. Insert one now' message came up.
  8. The DVD-RW is a BenQ DW1625. I will check their website, thankyou. I don't understand why every other CD and every other type of file (including other exe's) work just fine. How could it be interfering with just one type of exe?
  9. I again, apologise. I am pissed off about this problem, and I was in a hurry. Additionally, the ATI drivers are yet to be installed, so my scrolling speed is very slow. Main and 2nd post has been updated with BIOS information. And profile has been updated to abide by the rules.
  10. I apologise for the sig, I only realised after I had posted. And I have updated it, but it has not updated my sig in that post. The specifications are: Lanparty UT Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 1GB Geil High Performance GeCube X800XL 256MB Seagate 160GB SATA Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W BenQ DVD-RW Sony DVD-ROM WinXP Home I don't know the BIOS version, mainly because on startup, it will not display that particular screen. I suppose this is because I don't have the drivers installed, which is the problem. EDIT: Using CPU-Z, I found the BIOS details. Main post updated. Version: 6.00 PG Date: 03/10/05
  11. Hey everyone. The following is copied from posts I made on another forum about this problem. EDIT: FULL SYSTEM SPECS: Lanparty UT Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 1GB Geil High Performance 2.5-3-3-6 GeCube X800XL 256MB Seagate 160GB SATA Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W BenQ DVD-RW Sony DVD-ROM WinXP Home BIOS: Version: 6.00 PG Date: 03/10/05 ----------------------- Just finished installing windows on my new box and I went to install the drivers for my DFI Lanparty UT nf4 Ultra-D. Inserted the CD into the DVD-ROM drive, nothing came up. No auto run. I went to take the CD out and try it in the DVD-RW drive when a box popped up telling me there was no disc in the drive and ordering me to put one in. The box refused to go away, not matter how many times I clicked 'Cancel', 'Try Again' or 'Continue'. Putting the CD in either drive did not remove the message, and no auto run happened in either one. I tried restarting the PC but Windows informed me that 'G:bios.exe' was still running and could not be shut down. G is the DVD-RW. It would not 'End now'. And it always popped up when I tried to shutdown. I was forced to shut the thing off at the wall, and powered it up. It booted fine and I tried the CD (in DVD-RW) again. Again, no auto-run. I went into Explorer and double clicked on 'Setup'. The cursor went to the hourglass and the drive grunted a bit, but nothing else happened. Same happened in the DVD-ROM drive. Attempting shutdown caused the same bios.exe message to display. The DVD drives work fine with other CD's, autorun pops up normally. So, it's not the DVD drives I guess. I am mightily pissed off, this is the second computer I've built and the second one to have crippling problems the moment it's turned on. I need help, and fast. The specifications are: Motherboard as above AMD Athlon64 3500+ Gecube X800XL Seagate 160GB SATA Sony DVD-ROM BenQ DVD-RW Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 Value. 1 GB Geil High Performance. (Was suggested I check disk for scratches etc) The CD looks just fine. I just tried the CD in another computer (The one in my sig, there were of course, motherboard drivers already on this other computer, doubt it matters). Autorun did not start. Infact, it popped up saying 'CD not recognized, insert correct CD'. So, obviously something is wrong with the CD. I can still explore it, but Setup will not function, the same 'Not recognized' box pops up. I can obtain the drivers from the DFI website ( http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Downl..._FLAG=A&SITE=US ), assuming I can figure out which ones I need. Would I need the BIOS download too? And this bios.exe message, any idea what thats about? (At this point, I was told to get the drivers direct from the DFI website, or get some nF4 drivers from nvidia.com) Okay, this is becoming increasingly more serious. I downloaded those nVidia drivers and burnt them to a CD. I loaded the CD into the new computer. It did not auto run. I opened it up in My Computer, and there were all the files. I attaempted to copy the nVidia .exe file onto the computer. It got about halfway through (going a bit slowly) before it announced that the file was corrupted and told me to get a new one. I tried opening it directly from the CD and it announced (like last time using the DFI CD) that it needed a disk in 'the' drive. It did not say a particular one. I believe it made a mention of 'harddrive'. So, getting desperate I slammed the SATA RAID floppy in, and pressed 'Try Again' about 5 times, as it kept popping up, like before. Then, it seemed to proceed with the reading of the nVidia file contents. it very slowly read it, and when it finished it announced the file was corrupted/unreadable. Before you say it, I really doubt it is the DVD drives. I have tried other CD's that have files on them, and they all auto ran and all the files were accessable. It seems, that only CD's that have these nforce4/motherboard drivers on them act up. The DFI was able to have it's contents viewed, but attempting to use 'Setup' failed. The CD with the burnt nVidia drivers could be viewed, but when I try to actually use them, they don't work. What the hell is going on. ----------------------- I have a limited time span in which to fix this, so I would seriously appreciate urgent help. (Note: Urgent)
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