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  1. hi, I don't run the same board but I have noticed (with both the Asus P5W and Intel 975xbx boards) that some mem multi's simply wont work. My ram can handle the speed for sure but the board will not even make it to the bios; similar to your issue. It might be something to do with the Intel chipset imho. Also Asus can unlock the cpu but its not a total unlock. It's more like AMD, where you can use a few lower multi's from the default. So you wont be able to select a higher multi than default
  2. SLI's main purpose is increasing eye candy and resolutions in gpu limited games. With that in mind, if you play at 1600x1200 or above and like to use 4xTRSAA/16xAF then it can make a huge difference.
  3. There are adapters but im sure they are not easy to find http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=3774
  4. If the bridge fits it should work np. Also you could run the cards in SLI mode without the bridge but it wont be at fast and you might get those annoying nvidia pop ups
  5. The Marvell controller should be as fast if not faster than the nVidia nic. Personally I see no speed advantage over the two on a 20/2mbit connect and it should not be a reason to downgrade your service
  6. I get the dropped connections on the nvidia lan also but I have no problems with the Marvell nic. Not sure what the cause is tbh and I has been happening through many different drivers.
  7. Mine does that too once in a while on a cold boot but shutting it down by holding the power button and turning it back on fixes the issue. Also only the original Seasonic's have this issue and only with DFI boards. The guys at Seasonic are very nice and should take care of you; they will even ship out first if you are willing to use a CC as security(it will only be charged after 30 days if you dont return the old one) The 600w psu is very good and was even able to run QuadSLI on my DFI board with no issues(that imho shows something about the quality!). Maybe you'll get lucky and get a new 650w on the RMA:) Good luck
  8. If you are hooking up all four power connections and the board doesnt boot Seasonic will replace it for you. But tbh, your problem is not the Seasonic problem most have been having which is; not even being able to get past the blinking LED's(yours seems to boot up at least).
  9. Hate to bump an old old thread but is there any chance of a bios update to make this board work with the 7950? It works but not in multi gpu mode so its running on just one gpu. Has DFI forgotten about this board? I have an eVGA NF41 I can use but I hate to be reinstalling windows(its my little bros pc btw)
  10. Just a heads up on the situation; I decided to RMA once more and I have to say that Seasonic took care of business this time around. I received my S12-600 replacement and to my surprise it was a brand new SS-650w model with many improvements over the old design. I really like the braided lines and how they separated the PCie power. They have also removed all floppy connectors and you can only use those with adapters. Two thumbs up for Seasonic for service and on improving their product!!
  11. I say try the latest 04/06 bios, i think it is needed for these cards. Also the card should work fine at 16x or 8x with the board in SLI mode(they ran fine on my sli-modded ultra d)
  12. I've never seen the need to mess with this setting but I'm joining in to see what more knowledgeable people say about it:)
  13. Well, all drivers nvidia has put on their ftp have always been quite good. Also most serve a purpose, like the 91.37's, which are required to make use of quad-sli. Of course, every system is different and it doesn't hurt to at least try them;)
  14. The 91.33 set is still beta as its only available at nZone; latest official set is 91.31 on nvidia.com. The latest beta and best of all is 91.37 but im not sure if they install on anything but 7950's. Worth a shot I guess ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/
  15. Windows XP always installs some crap on an IDE drive if one is connected during install. You can set it up to format and install on your sata drive but it always installs something on the ide drive. Its best to disconnect all IDE drives if you are installing on a sata drive(other sata drives can be left connected, it only seems to do it with IDE).
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