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  1. So I guess they really went out of their way to offer me that halflife2. Oh well I guess its better than a kick in the arse... Going back to work on Monday after a week off vaca, of course thats exactly why all my parts will be in Tuesday Good ol Murphy hmmmm Murphy and Monarch both starts with M's....coincidence?
  2. Thanks AG, But do you think its more important to have the higher amperage at the 12 volt rails than the higher 600 watt rating?
  3. didn't by memory with them, so they claim it aint a combo. Spent over a grand but no memory....oh well
  4. Thanks for your quick replies and I am leaning towards the PC Power and are there any other opinions? :confused:
  5. I previously started the thread about Monarch saying a bunch of crap about DFI boards being all sent back as the reason for not sending me my order...Still hasn't shipped..Now if youve been reading they blame it on the OCZ 600 watter being updated and they haven't recieved them yet. Also, they came back and did more research and said of course it wasn't the memory controller since it's on the chip itself that was the reason the the DFI issues. Instead it is an issue with the DIMM slots.... :confused: So any news on that??? The main reason for this thread is some good news from Monarch. After 9 emails to them they finally responded back to me and they are trying to make amends after I stated what NewEgg has done for me.. They will give me a free Half LIfe 2 coupon and upgrade my OCZ 600 watter new revision to the PC Power & Cooling TC510 Power Supply for no extra cost an ship it to me right away next day... So my question to the PROS is which is a better ps the 600 watter from OCZ, a company which I trust, or maybe a stronger ps from the PC Power even though its lower wattage, but 650watts surge and stronger amps on the 12 v rails. They both are adjustable... SO you guys know your stuff,,, Which is better and why? Andy OCZ, Any suggestions from you? Im willing to wait if its a better powersupply than the PC Power and Cooling SLI rig :nod: Thank you so much for your time and quite frankly sometimes I LOL when I read some of you guys ranting and ripping at each other and my wife thinks I am an idiot for being so involved in this forum :shake: I just ask her about her freakin Soaps Thanks Again
  6. I began the thread with what Monarch told me about the bad DFI boards,,, Now get this. I shot off an email to their status dept again demanded a reply as to where my parts are. I also rang there pissed bell by saying Neweggs parts were ordered a day after and got here 2 days ago. Sure that helped my case out :shake: I didn't tell them what their previous guy told me about the socalled defective DFI boards... Anyway AndyOCZ get this. They sent me an email saying that they really dug deep and found out what happened. They said that my ocz 600watt ps is the fault for the delay!!!! They claim you guys have revised your 600 watters and they sent their stock to OCZ and that they are getting their new revised 600 watters in today. So I should have a new revised 600 watter :nod: Is this a bunch of crap or what.. I replied to them what they had told me before and stated to them that I am on DFI Streets venting what I am going thru if they care at all. I also told them to come clean and try honesty if they want repeat customers, or to at least get their lies straight so as not to embarrass themselves. AndyOZC, Any thoughts on this???? Thanks again for a great support team
  7. Well I guess if your not worrying about it then I shouldn't either...Thanks for replying and thank you so very much for a quality supervised forum
  8. In the last 8 years I have only dealt with NewEgg. Couldn't be happier unless they gave me the jewels for free.. Monarch happened to have better pricing on 3 of the components so I saw how "professional" they appeared so thought I would take a chance.. I emailed them 3 times for a status on delivery and they never returned one response. So I called Sales dep and they told me to email again and I said I dont think so... So they finally put me through to status department and I got that response from them...So what did I learn today boys and girls...Newegg or No Egg
  9. I would definitely think a moderator would know if it were even 50 boards they sent back, because in my line of work the bean counters freak out and they have a meeting and make calls to anyone in support to help verify the potential of losing wallets full of $$ and who better to ask than frontline support, specially with this kind of brain power going on in this forum. Anyway, hopefully your right and he pulled the answer out of his thumbholder
  10. I hope thats the case guys. He said after awhile"memory controller" because I dont think he wanted to answer me at first. Maybe thats the first thing his imagination came up with. however he seemed rather adament that something was definitely wrong with the boards. He stated several hundred were returned !!!. I guess all I can do is try and fly or try and die :tooth: Again is there any response from the moderators if they can agree or deny what Monarch Computers told me.... Thanx for your time
  11. I'm a little concerned.. Just called Monarch Computers to find out where my DFI LP ultra D is since that is all I am waiting for to start my build :nod: They tell me that they had to send all their DFI LP's back to DFI for new boards due to failures.. I asked what failures and the representitive said " I think something about bad memory controllers or something but they were all bad. So DFI had to send us all new boards to fill orders, just got them today, so hopefully they've been fixed." AG Do you know anything about this. Should we be a little concerned or not?? I'm anxiously awaiting to get started with the build and do some BF2 damage, But will some DFI damage take place first??? If any Moderator knows anything, can they please share the info...Thankyou in advance:confused:
  12. Thankyou very much for your kindness!!! Do others agree with this also. Please voice in if you think differently. Otherwise Thanks PoppyMcShotgun for your expertise
  13. I will notice an increase in performance with the 4 sticks or the 2? Im sorry PoppyMcShotgun, I didn"t understand what you meant..
  14. Thanks so much for replying, This is an unbelievably neat forum !!!! Will I suffer performance hits running the 4 sticks instead of 2? Would you recommend since I havent received them yet to get the 2x1gb instead? Thanks in advance....
  15. Hello All My first post as I have yet to anxiously receive my profiled equipment. I have gone through many threads here, and am very concerned about some stuff I am reading. Am I gonna have issues with 4 sticks of Geil 512M. Can you not have 4 sticks of memory in these boards without having stability issues. If so, Why then do they have 4 slots. Am I better off returning the 4 sticks before I receive them and get (2) 1 gig sticks. I dont care about OC'ing since I will have a 4400x2 and really am mainly concerned about stability and BF2 play... Tx so much for anybodys time in reading and adding their bs&tears.
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