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  1. WOW I am currently having this exact same problem. I would like to know the answer to the above question also. A few other questions I have are the following: How do I make the exe download to a specified letter(instead of C)? How do I format my other hard drive that I didn't install windows on so that i can put files on that hard drive?
  2. what are the downsides of having your chipset running at 50C?
  3. how do i find out if i am using daemon; i doubt i am because all i have done so far is install windows.
  4. has anyone ever had this happen to them? i want to atleast know that this is common even if no one has any suggestions.
  5. i just tryed again and i noticed that when i put it on i hear the motor speed up and then slow down again. it seems like its about to work and then it just slows down.
  6. i am trying to download my drivers from the cd that i got with my nf4 sli-dr but every time i put the cd in my plextor dvd burner(the only cd rom i have) it doesn't load. i then go into the root file and double click up setup.exe and still nothing happens. when i shutdown windows it will end program bios.exe however many times i had tried to open the setup.exe. i was able to use the burner to download windows so can anyone help me out?
  7. thanks i really appreciate the help. luckily i already ran memtest with no errors so now im excited to download windows and start overclocking/reading. again thanks!
  8. im guessing that was a dumb question since you can overclock with windows installed. am i right? btw thanks everyone for the advice. now i think i know what to do.
  9. would it matter if i installed windows before i started overclocking the memory?
  10. a. Genie Bios first page from the top down and remember to turn off all at bottom you are not using. a1. LTD/FSB = X4.0 a2. CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio Manual Set to what Your Default Multiplier Is. a3. PCI EX Frequency = 105 ATI video cards Nvidia 100 or 101. a4. Cpu Startup VID = 1.425 Volts. a5. CPU VID 1.425 Volts. a6. CPU VID Special Control = 110% and this is around 1.52Volts total and is far and way fine as I have run it with OEM HSF and never gotten over 46C full tilt with 3000+ Winnie. Note we are trying to throw out all variables and get running and you then tune up or down on your own. Maybe I tell you too much but this is 72 hours worth of work. a7. LTD voltage = 1.4 Volts. a8. Chipset Voltage = 1.8 Volts. a9. Dram Voltage = 2.9 Volts. 5. Genie Bios first entry at top> DRAM CONFIGURATION a1. 200 Dram Frequency 1:1 a2. Enable CPC a3. 2.5 a4. 04 a5. 07 a6. 04 a7. 07 a8. 14 a9. 05 a10. 03 a11. 02 a12. 05 a13. 3120 a14. 05 a15. Bank Interleave= DISABLED You want mediocre memory to run don't you? Then disable it and see how much better the thing will clock and do business right now. a16. Increase Skew = Enabled a17. Skew Value = 0 (zero) a18. Dram Drive Strength= Level 6 a19. Dram Data Drive Strength= Level 4 a20. MAX ASYNCH LATENCY = 7X a21. READ PREAMBLE= 5X a22. IDLE CYLCE= 256 cycles a23. DYNAMIC Counter= Disabled a24. R/W Que Bypass = 16x a25. ByPass Max 7X a26. 32 Byte Granularity = Disable 8 Bursts. ~~~these are by RGone will these work ok for me?
  11. well i do want to slightly overclock. most of my temps are around 50C so i think i need to wait for my new heatsink and clean up the cable rat nest. can i change these bios settings now and then overclock later?
  12. which bios settings should i change then?
  13. i have 2 hard drives in my sig, but i don't think im going to use raid anyways.
  14. is it ok for me to follow rgone's guide even though i am using a stock heat sink?
  15. So far I have just completed my first build. I would appreciate it if someone could reccomend a bios to flash according to my PC parts. After flashing I plan on following this guide. I don't plan on setting up a RAID unless someone strongly dissagrees for good reason. My next planned step would be to install windows and then overclock a couple weeks later when my new heatsink comes. If anyone sees anything else that I should add into this procedure please let me know or if you know a bios i should flash to. I appreciate the help. Thanks.
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