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  1. jeez, i thought i turned them off but i reinstalled windows and they are still there. There are 4 removable disks that are being assigned letters and my 2 dvd burners are also getting assigned letters. My hard drive gets the letter I. Can someone please show me which ones to disable.


    4 removable disks:





  2. The problem I am having is that I cannot get my Driver Utility Disk(the one that comes with dfi motherboards) to install on my newly built computer. First time I installed windows I put the disk in and heard the motor run for a few seconds and then stop. It didn't auto run so I went to the root directory of the cd and I "explored" it and I clicked on the setup.exe. This had a similar effect ex: loading timer+ motor running for a few seconds and then stopping. I then tried shutting down my computer and a "end program bios.exe" popped up. I ended the program and restarted the computer repeating what I have already said receiving the same effect. I then uninstalled windows and deleted the partition. Before installing windows again I tried booting this utility disk but it would not boot so I proceeded to install windows again in hopes that it would assign the correct letters to my hard drives. I then repeated what I have already said above and decided to try an old dvd reader in my computer. It gave me the error message "No disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive /Device/Harddisk2/DR3." This is currently where I am stuck. The perfect help for me since this is my first build would be for somone to reply with a detailed procedure to take. But if you aren't willing to do that much work a push in the right direction would also be great allthough I might make a mistake. Since I know the bios settings would be a part of this step by step guide I would also like to know if I should flash the updated bios and which bios settings I should change(I should be receiving a new heatsink which will lower my temps in a few weaks)(currently my temps are all around 50c.)

  3. I installed windows xp and now i am trying to install the utility drivers that came with my motherboard. What i need to to is make my hard drive assigned the letter C instead of I. Does anyone know how i can go about doing this? Someone told me I should start fresh, so i did, i uninstalled windows and deleted the partition. now i just installed windows again and the drive is still assigned the same letter. please help me. btw i am using bios version 3/10/2005.

  4. i am having the exact same problem and i know someone else is also having this problem. i have no clue what to do. i have spent hours on end trying to figure out how to fix this. i have a plextor and the other guy has a benq. i have a feeling it isn't the dvd burner but instead the motherboard or bios settings.

  5. i figured out that my keyboard was disabled in the bios which is why it wouldn't let me boot my windows cd. so now i am going to delete the old partition and hopefully i can install the os and drivers this time without any problems(last time my utility disk wouldn't load no matter what). what i am asking for is a detailed step by step guide for myself to follow so that i won't run into the same problem. ex: not sure if this is right but 1.install dvd burner drive 2.install os(with as little features as possible) 3.install utility disk 4. install other drivers 5.install programs 6. overclock


    any help would be great so that i don't waste a ton of time like i have previously. thanks

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