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  1. Does anybody know the last time jab tech had them in stock because I don't want to wait that long for it because last time I checked they were out of stock and I have no idea when they will replenish the stock
  2. Well recently I posted about signs that my chipset was going to die like noise, took a while to speed up and stuff. Well today I think is its end its basically howling when its on (even really low rpms) so i took out the video card and can't find any damage from it hitting the video card and i tried to clean some dust out but it still won't stop the scary noise nor will it speed up to the normally rpms (i also have it on high) but luckily yesterday my outdated geekie neighbor (thinks 1000mhz is plenty fast for anything) came over and told him so he gave me 2 decent but slightly aged fans and they are working without the case on im actually getting lower temps (the chipset fan is off) like 43 degrees instead of 50 when the chipset worked but I can't have my case open all the time so I would like to know where I could get one of those evercool fans to replace the dfi one because the only place I found was jab tech but they have been out of stock :confused: Edit: If i need to remove mobo to put evercool in I think I'll put a better cpu fan on my amd x2 +3800 I was wonder if the zalman cnps9500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835118223 hits anything on the dfi like the lower orange ram slot with ram in it (how did i spell dead wrong.....)
  3. Thanks for the site I did find it on jab-tech and noticed it was out of stock. The only reason I really don't want to remove the mobo is just like 2 weeks ago I spent like all day cleaning up all the darn cables and I know when I take it out I'll screw something and lose my great cable management but I will take out the mobo because have a functional chipset then clean cables. Does anybody know if the ZALMAN CNPS9500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835118223 will find on my dfi without hitting the nearest orange ram slot that has ram in it?
  4. When I take the stock fan off with another one I'll try to remember to take that pic for you. What do you guys think is the best online store to get the evercool VC-RE? It doesn't seem like newegg carries it.
  5. Alright when I remove the previous chipset fan I assume there would be some thermal paste and because this is my first build what should I use to remove so I can put the AS5 I have on it? When I apply the AS5 do I need to spread it or will the pressure of the heatsink do that for me like on a cpu heatsink?
  6. Well I have a 7800gtx and even with the fan on full it still goes to like 50 degrees celsius so I would hate to know what would happen if i turned it off.....
  7. So my only option is to replace the chipset fan with the fan you mentioned above and the only possible way to install it will force me to take the mobo out?
  8. Alright up until now everything has been going great but recently I noticed why I turn my computer on my chipset set fan makes a noise like its struggling (maybe if I remember Ill record it tomorrow for you) and when I check smart guardian I noticed that RPM's are lower then normal like 3,000ish compared to the 7600-8000 RPM I normally run at (I keep on high so it stays cool with my big 7800gtx blowing right on it) but after a varying length of time it goes back to normal so I was wondering is this a sign of a dying fan? What could replace it with or should I RMA it I don't really want to with all the stuff in my case it would be pretty annoying to try to remove my mobo.
  9. You can use the second ethernet port if you want the same thing is happening to me except I can't get it to come back at all
  10. What can you can explain a little bit more detailed what you did because just recently my nforce ethernet deaded while i was out exact same thing you said but I'm using the marvell for now but I would love for it to work again So please tell me more about what you did
  11. I doubt that is is I'm the top ethernet I think its the nforce one but maybe I should switch to marvell later and check but I wonder why this particular/only happens with java apps
  12. Yea my freezes are temporary but I'm trying to figure out why they only happen in java and nothing anything else like BF2 let me know if the new fan/heatsink work because my chipset hits temps around 52 C idle with my 3800+ overclocked from 2 ghz to 2080mhz which is probably because my 7800gtx blows hot air right on the chipset
  13. Are you using anything relate to java/virtual machine because I'm getting lockups whenever I use DIMES (http://www.netdimes.org/) while it works in the task bar but when I bring it up to see whats going on it freezes and the music I'm playing skips but it eventually goes back to normal it even did it when I was using a Java based type speed tester.
  14. Well the marvell drivers are only for the second (bottom) one I think there is another driver like maybe nforce or something on the mobo disc for that one but you can just use the bottom one if the top doesn't work because they both are basically the same
  15. Just wondering but what are those spread spectrum settings?
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