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  1. Where this jumper is located? I didn't find such thing on my mobo...
  2. Hi! No, sound goes with noise all the way, not only when hard drive is loading. In control panel all is fine(full/best). It's a mystery, but now all windows sounds(long and short) start playing with scraping. I mean long sounds stayed as it was before, but short one also become playing with big distortion. This sound live on its own account....
  3. Hi! I removed and checked the board and the module - visually it looks fine, w/o any damages or diformation. Then i dicconnect CD audio cable. All 4 power connectors are plugged into the board - same terrible sound all the way. But i have noticed, that short Windows sounds(*.Wav) playing clear, however all others including long windows sounds(like exit, greeting) playing with noise and scraping, as usual. What it could be? What you think, in case if i decide to buy another soundcard and avoid RMA, is it possible to face with another, more serious problems with mobo later? currently i haven't any other problems, only with sound. I mean, how i can be sure that defect exactly in audio module? Guys! Sorry for wasting your time, seems that i have only two alternatives -RMA or life w/o sound
  4. Ok, thx! I'll try to do it today at home and report back. Here my details: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice Socket 939 Kingston ValueRam 3200 DDR400 2*512mb Asus Extreme N6600GT 128mb PCI-E Hyper HPU-4S525 525W; 24 pin; +5V - 2.0A - 34A +12V 1 - 0.2A - 20A +12V 2 - 0A - 17A -12V - 0A - 0.8A +5VSB - 0 - 2.5A +3.3V - 0.5 - 34A
  5. Kuniva; Sharp Thank you for help! I've done all as you said - uninstall all drivers, clean up system through Driver Cleaner and after all install 6.66 drivers - the same, terrible noise from speakers. Then i find at dfi.com.tw "Audio Driver for Realtek ALC880 and ALC860 High Definition Audio under Windows 2K & XP" and tried to install it on top, but during the installation XP throw out the notice: "Microsoft Bus driver should be loaded in your system before installing HD Audio driver!" It seems very unhealthy... I don't know what to do, but i want try to uninstall all drivers again and firstly try to install High Definition Audio, maybe it can help(don't know can this HD Audio driver work separetly or only under common audio driver, which included in 6.66, what u think?), and before i must find this mysterious Microsoft Bus Driver required for installation.... can do it only next evening due to work reasons, will inform u about results. I checked the module - it connected to m/b as explained in manual, firmly fixed and plugged in properly. I'll be glad if u'll find time and share with your ideas&suggestions... P.S By the way, if i mount another one, old PCI soundcard (Creative) and disable Karajan module, all problems with sound resolving. I don't understand why problems happens only with Karajan. It's a unit of m/b and must work correctly, i don't want to use 7 years old soundblaster card..
  6. Good day, folks! Maybe anybody know about this problem: after Xp sp2 installation and latest drivers for chipset and audio module(6.66 for chipset and wdm_a374 for audio) sound reproduced with terrible wheeze and noise in all apllications! I tried to do everything: reinstall XP several times, install diff drivers, downloaded new bios(v623) - all is useless. In DFI tech support they recommend me bring m/b to RMA service....actually it's not the issue return working m/b only cause i have problems with sound. It seems there are must be another solution. I wasted already several weeks f****** with this stuff, pls give me any advice, i ready to kill myself after all :confused: Thanks!!!
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