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  1. I placed another 120mm fan in chassiside today so now are 3GHz with 1.56V stable but I still have some temps problem. During load in Prime95: CPU 47 (idle 31) Chipset 52 (idle 48) PWMIC 47 (idle 41) Is 52 degrees on chipset risky?? What can I do to cool it better (exept from WC)??
  2. What temp do you have now sswilson with water?....and what did you have before?? Do you feed with 1.6V?
  3. At least I managed to hit 3GHz but it needed ~1.6V and i dont think thats ok. My temps increased a lot. cpu: ~55 degrees during load. pwmic: ~52 degrees. chipset: 49 degress.
  4. Whats the difference between 704bta bios and the last official? Where can I download it?
  5. I have tryed both 9/10 and 8/10 divider! It seems to be cpu related. oki...maybee I will try 704bta then...?
  6. I have KABCE stepping. I tryed 295x10 with no success. Error in prime after 2min. I now my memory do around 265-270fsb with 3-4-4-8 timings. Are there any better bios for my rigg?? My temps, idle 34 and during load 48 degrees (2.9GHz, 1.45V). Thanks...
  7. I want to hit 3GHz so badly so please help. 2.9GHz, 1.45V is no problem but 3GHz feels impossible, even with 1.56V I now it no difference between 2.9 and 3 but i need it! My voltage is: CPU 1.475 LDT 1.2V Chip set 1.5V Dram 2.6V (ratio 180/200) Its no problem in OS but I can only do prime for some minutes!?
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me what biosversion I shall use to hit 3GHz. Look in my sig to se the system. I can boot with 300x10 but no more than boot! Tanks..
  9. Nice to hear! ...and you use the top PCIex slot?
  10. Hi, Can I use this combination?...I mean...fit the cooler or will the NB-fan be in the way? Thanks...
  11. Oki..thanks. I believe my graficcard is defective. I tryed oc some and 270x10 was no problem at all on stock voltage. ...so I dont think the memory is the problem here.
  12. I run memtest just 30min in dual channel and prime a hour just to see. My setting: 3-4-4-8 1T, TRC 7 and DRAM idle timer at 256. I cant even open benchies or games....
  13. I need your help here. I installed my new system yesterday and all did well...so I believed!? I can use windows, internet, office and ordinary programs but as soon I open windowsmediaplayer to se a movie or just open 3dmark01 my system crash. I get green lines or pattern on sceen and then it boot itself. I have the latest chipsetdrivers and displaydrivers. I can run memtest and prime. All settinga are stock (no oc). What can I do....just rma or what?? system in sign. Thanks...
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