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  1. I had a venus:) It was a GREAT Mobo. I wish I never let it go. It should be straight forward. Similar to the DR.
  2. I agree. Never trust software monitors for voltages. I use a meter.
  3. Thats not too high, but some extra cooling wouldnt hurt.
  4. Try setting your command rate to 2T. It may help.
  5. When you put the new processor in did you disconnect any of the power leads going to the mobo?
  6. Download super PI. Open speed fan. open super pi. run super pi 1M. whichever temp goes up the most is the core temp:)
  7. Ohhh... Unplug your system before you stick you fingers in the box:) Also check this post again before you start. Other guys may have some ideas.
  8. Did you reset your Cmos? There is a jumper near the battery jump it over for a minute then jump it back. Your manual will identify this jumper. Or you can pull the battery out for a few minutes.
  9. Well thats the strange thing. One day I can run prime fine with this (2.94) OC. then the next day it will fail after 2 tests. I think im on the edge, and a little memory help from the bios may do the trick. (I can get 3.08 with 2 sticks stable.) Thanks, Ive contacted Tmods about an extra chip with that bios. This way I can switch back and fourth without the hassle.
  10. Can you point me in the direction of that bios?
  11. Current bios 2/23 Im trying to get 4 sticks of BH-5 stable on this DFI UT NF4 DR. Im currently at 2.94Ghz on a 166 divider. 10 X 294 I cant get her Prime stable, and it has all the symptoms of it needing some ram tweaking. But its on the stock bios, and I was wondering if a different bios would help a little. TechPowerup has a few different versions of the 6/23 bios, and they state that one is better for the BH-5 ram. I wanted to check with the Pros before I make twice the work for myself. I know that AMD dosent like 4 sticks too much, but Ive gotten this far with them, and hoped you guys have the magic answer:) Thanks
  12. WOW.... Thanks for the quick response:)
  13. Hi Guys I came across a 3700 Newark and a DFI NF3 250. I have a couple questions before I put this bad boy together 1. It has 4 SATA ports, Which 2 are locked? 2. I want to put some BH5 (Geil 1) into it. How high will the Dram voltage go? 3. Do I need any SATA drivers when I install the OS if I only use one raptor? 4. Whats the best chip set drivers for this MOBO? This is an extra system so my specs below will differ.
  14. I just got a new DFI NF-4 UT UD and it is doing the same thing as has been stated hundreds of times in this thread. The Power suppily was used in a DFI Venus and a mobo identical to this one previously with zero problems. So If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. DFI obviously has problems that they want to sweep under the table at our expense. I will RMA this mobo 100 times if I have to. I will not accept the smoke and mirrors thrown up on this problem.
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