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  1. Everything has sold. Thanks! This can now be locked up.
  2. I got it a bit over 2.8. It would have gone a little more with better cooling.
  3. Bump 6800gt has been Sold! The Opteron is still avail - This is a good price - Somebody grab it Vacaru: I'm not sure about international payment methods other than paypal.
  4. It looks like the cheapest shipping I can find to Romania is going to cost about $23 over my quoted price. If anyone can find anything cheaper let me know. Neither of the items have sold yet. Post or IM me if you want either of them.
  5. I prefer to ship within the USA, but I'll consider international. Shipping would be a bit more. Give me your zip code and I'll calculate the cost.
  6. I researched it a bit and think you are right. At first you weren't able to use different cards, but with newer drivers you can use different cards as long as they are the same model. I hope that answers your question. I've learned a little something too.
  7. This one is clocked at 370 by default. I doubt it would work due to this one being overclocked in the bios. I've never sold here before so I don't have references. I have sold a lot over at www.dslreports.com. I've had nothing but positive experiences selling there.
  8. I've switched from using tccd with my Expert and back to utt (redline 4000) that I just got back from mushkin. So that I don't confuse anybody, these aren't the new redlines. These are the older redlines that uses winbond utt and requires much higher voltage. What's the best expert bios to use with utt? Also if anybody can point me to a good utt timing thread for expert that would be a plus as well. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the response Tmod. I know it's been said many times, but you are greatly appreciated for all the help you provide.
  10. Tmod, Any idea when the latest Expert bios will be added to your cd? I don't have a floppy drive and use your cd exclusively to flash.
  11. I don't think people would be so hungry for a new bios or any alternate bios to try if there weren't known unresolved issues with the Expert. Take my issue for example, I had cold boot issues with UTT and the Ultra-D. I sold the Ultra-d and utt and bought some tccd and an Expert. I just want something that works properly. I know that my tccd would work like a charm in the earlier boards but not the Expert. I've also been told that it's a hardware issue and also that it could be fixed with a bios update. I'm now being told that the Venus is the answer to all of my problems. I think I've spent enough money so far and shouldn't be expected to run out and get a new board every time an issue crops up.
  12. Expert straight out of the box had no probs with my opty 148.
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