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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. I do have all four power connectors hooked up. I meant stock as in stock speeds. I just took the mobo out of the case. I just plugged in CPU, cooler, mem stick, and GPU for starters to see if any juice going to the board. I decided to use the spare PSU (PC Power & Cooling 550). I used the power button on the mobo and no joy, but just then, a loud POP and blue/gray smoke coming out of the PSU. Now, remember, this was the spare PSU that was working before all this drama - and this was outside the case. Thank god I didn't use the 850. I am thinking something must have snapped with the mobo. Thoughts?
  2. Hey Guys... Ok - So I am sitting at my PC doing some online banking (nothing hard at all) when all of a sudden, the computer shuts off. Not the monitor, just the computer. I try to turn on the computer, and get just a flash of power (barely 1/2 second and then nothing). At first, I am thinking the PSU. I have a beast of a PSU, so I plug it to a PSU Tester - all system good! I do my simple diagnostics (unplug power, unplug power connectors, flush power button, etc, etc). Try it again, no joy (1/2 second power - that is it). I have a spare PSU (that I know is good) sitting around, and decide to plug that puppy into the mobo, and still, no joy on the mobo? My next step is to take everything apart, as I am expecting there to be a short somewhere (although since I unplugged everything, my guess would be the mobo). Any thoughts/recommendations/hints/suggestions you guys can share? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok - you are going to have to excuse my ignorance on the first question, but how would I be able to check the revision # or modules on the ram stick if the heatspreader is on it? It looks as though there is some type of paste (not just the clips). Anywho, I did not want to damage the stick any further. Let me know your thoughts on this. As far as the second question, I bought my chip a while back, so I would guess it is a Clawhammer?
  4. Actually, I just tried them in the yellow slots, and no joy. I am getting the sense more and more that there is a bad stick in my kit.
  5. I recently purchased the above stated mobo with the 2gb kit from Corsair (TWINX2048-3200C2PT). Unfortunately, when I install these modules in the "preferred dual channel slots" on this motherboard (orange slots, 2&4), the rig often times does not even POST (8 out of 9 times, lets say). The one time it will post is when I take the modules out and reseat them, and then it just freezes up during POST. Now, what happens when it does not post is that I do not get a video signal at all. When I power up, the fans spin, but no signal. When I remove one stick, the computer posts fine. When I replace the one stick with the one I just recently removed, the computer posts fine. When I ran memtest on these sticks in another rig (A8N SLI Deluxe), I get no errors for 6+ hours. When I place in a pair of Crucial Ballistix modules (DDR 500, 512MB*2) I have laying around back in the DFI mobo in the afore mentioned orange slots, I get to POST with no worries??????? Thus, I am at a loss of what is going on here. I am pretty sure it is not the mobo, as I tested other modules and it all works fine. Can you provide any guidance whatsoever? P.S. - I am doing all this via minimal boot (no HDD or opticals yet) with the following components: AMD Athlon FX-55 (stock) DFI LanParty N4 SLI-DR (Bios dated 3/10/2005) Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT (1stick at a time, 2 sticks no worky most of the time) BFG GeForce 7800GTX PCIe (256MB) PC Power & Cooling 850 SSI SLI PSU Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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