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  1. I put back together my SLI-DR testing with some bh-5/ and 2 opterons. This time, I took an ATI video card X1300 256mb. On the boot-up logo, the color looks real off and funny than my normal Nvidia card. Is there any way to "fix" the problem? Is this normal? thanks,
  2. hehehhee.. thank you RGone!
  3. What will be the max fan current I can use on the MOBO's header? I am abit worried plugging some of fans and blow up a nice board. Thanks, Jack
  4. typer77

    XP Shutdown delay.....

    My problem is even stranger. If I do any sort of dual stress testing, then windows shutdown screen will not disappear. On a normal operation cycle (w/out dual stressing), the system shuts down fine.
  5. typer77

    Power supply

    It had the 8 pin conector. However, the system hangs with one LED at startup. I have to turn off PSU, hit the powerswitch a few times. Then turn on PSU, and it will boot. Then the system may hang again... I switched back to TruPower and didn't have the same problem again.
  6. typer77

    Power supply

    Since we are on this topic, i would like to share my experience... I had problems with the enermax 600W noise taker with the Expert board. I then switched to Antec TruPower 2.0 550W and everything was fine. The Enermax, however, works on my SLI-DR w/out a hitch.
  7. I have opty 175 on Expert board. with dangerden H20. Idle = 21~23 Load (1.424V) = 32C Previously I had 4400+ X2 on SLI-DR Idle = 30 Load = 44C on the same H20 Setup. But I think the Opty is a bit cooler and I did a better job with the AS5 on the Opty this time./
  8. That may be the problem since I am using Enermax 600W.... I can get it back into bios but hving problem with my prev version of windows with stock settings. (RAM tested ok in memtest.) While I was trying to install a new version, the PC will reboot. I will try again with a diff PSU.
  9. I posted another thread regarding no post after switchig to SLI. Then I read this post again and tried your method if that is related to the cold bug. A few times after turn PSU off and power on. I got to the NF4 UT Expert LOGO screen. then a few more times of the same procedure, I got into BIOS. Then my keyboard would freeze up. What causes the cold bug? thanks.
  10. Hi guys, Pls help me. I probably made a mistake by setting: From Advanced Bios Features - SLI Broadcast ENABLE From the Genie Bios - PCI Express Configuration 8-4-NC-8 From the Genie Bios - Dual 6600 GT Cards Support - ENABLED Now, the LED will get stuck wth only 1 LED. Screen is black. I can't get back into BIOS. I tried clearing CMOS. Safeboot. None of them helps me get back into posting or BIOS. What can I do? thanks....
  11. I had my 4400 at 2.7 at one point, but performace seems to have backed off. My most stable is 2.55 G now.
  12. typer77

    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    heheh.. I want one bad! but I am going to wait for the 180
  13. FYI, I had to use a differnt single stick in orage slot (furtherst from cpu) to boot. then set vdimm to 2.8. then replace with one of the ballistix.. or you can try to hold the insert key when you power on the system.... that may get u into bios
  14. typer77

    Maximum voltage X2 4200+

    You guys are lucky. I can only get 2.65 with 1.55 (MBM).
  15. typer77

    AMD X2 4400 SLI-DR, OCing

    I think the toughest part really is to find the ram timing / bandwidth that makes you happy. but if you are using 11 multi, it probably wont' go over 250FSB. So that is not a problem. and you should try CAS 2.5 since most people were able to do taht with < 250 FSB. It takes a lot of time to find what works for your rig and what doesn't. Every rig is different so you can only use other ppl's settings as a guideline.