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  1. platinum. ok. Thanks for the information, So I believe what is being said is that even though I ordered the exact same part number, the memory may actually be different and that is what is causing these problems. 4x1GB of these sticks should work so I should test the new memory and make sure that nothing is wrong with them.
  2. Yes. I am NOT having a problem seeing between 3GB and 4GB of RAM. When I boot and it does a memory detect, it only sees 2GB.
  3. Yes I did a search on the forum and there did not appear to be an answer. I found the magic search term to be 4x1GB as opposed to 4GB or anything else. If it is worth a canned reply to go search, perhaps it is worth having a sticky topic that summarizes the memory issues? In my search, I found answers to a) why can't I get all 4GB - OS and memory hole issues B) why can't I boot - set to 2T c) why is it unstable - long thread on various settings I did not find the answer to why is it only seeing 2GB and not more than 2GB. The fact is that on POST, it is claiming only 2GB.
  4. Should I be able to use 4x1GB dual channel OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K DIMMs and get 4GB of memory? I understand I need to change the timings to 2T to use the yellow slots but the system is currently showing that I only have 2GB of memory.
  5. I tried unplugging everything that I can. The problem is that the video card still does not appear to be recognized and so I don't see anything on the screen so I can't do anything useful.
  6. the 24hr clear didn't work. Given that it just completely died when I saved the BIOS setting back, what are the odds that just replacing the BIOS chip will work?
  7. I also tried safe boot with JP1 after reading that that worked to get a PCI graphics card to be recognized. Still no joy for me. Tried safe booting with both the PCI-E and the PCI graphics card. Same thing with 2 LEDs on.
  8. My question was whether or not the NVRAID controller treats RAID1 as a block level mirror or uses its own stripes to do the RAID. For example, Microsoft Windows software RAID1 is a block mirror. My goal would be to put a disk from the mirror in a new system that does not have a NVRAID controller and copy the data off of it. I believe your example was just moving disks from one MB with a NVRAID controller to another MB with a NVRAID controller. My presumption is that the answer to this question is 'no, you must have a NVRAID controller to read the array' but I wanted to double check.
  9. If I have mirroring set up with the Ultra-D's onboard NVRAID, does it do RAID1 by doing a block level mirror or does it write RAID stripes encoded in its own format on the disks? What I'm trying to get at is if I did fry my motherboard/BIOS, do I need to get the motherboard fixed before I can get the data off the drives?
  10. The 8hr clear didn't fix anything. I tried to reseat the graphics card. No go. I tried to move the graphics card to the other slot. No go. The graphics card is getting power as the on-board fan is spinning up. It is also sending a carrier signal to the monitor. Nevertheless I'm still at: "2 LEDs on = RAM has been detected OK, checking VGA" I just tried a PCI graphics card and it is still at the 2 LEDs on. Any other suggestions?
  11. Right. The problem is that I can't get back into the BIOS as it doesn't get past the two LEDs when I power on the system which I believe indicates it isn't detecting the graphics card.
  12. I decided to run the nTune auto-tune as a lazy way to improve performance. [edit: yes, I should have done a search on the board first but it seems wrong that nvidia would ship something that would corrupt your system...] It ran, crashed (as it warned it would), and restarted a couple of times. Then it stopped booting. It would hang on detecting the RAID arrays. I eventually got into the BIOS and chose to restore from the last known good state. Well, I probably screwed something up as now there is no video and the 4 LEDs is stuck with two lit which seems to be 'checking for VGA'. I did the 5 min and the 30 min CMOS clear instructions from http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 and now I'm waiting for the 24hr clear. Has anyone recovered from this before or should I just go ahead and buy a new motherboard?
  13. Hi. I've had my system for almost a year now and things have been working fine. A few days ago, I powered off the system for the first time in months to upgrade the DVD burner. When I first powered it on, there was a loud noise coming from the system so I powered it off, removed the cover and check on things again. After looking for cable in a fan and not finding anything, I got some compressed air and shot it into the spinning chipset fan. That cleared it up and so I didn't worry about it. This morning (about a week after the install) I come to the machine and it is grinding away again. After tapping the case a little, it stops again but now I'm wondering how long that is going to last. so... my actual questions are: a) What is the warranty on these motherboards? I looked at the original box it came in and the manuals and didn't see. B) Can I just replace the chipset fan with a third party fan? If so, can someone recommend something that will fit?
  14. My NF4 Ultra-D motherboard just came in. When I opened the box, there was a yellow sheet in Japanese that looked like some info about jumper settings. Unfortunately, (a) that sheet appears to only be in Japanese and (B) I can't read Japanese. I did a search and find anything so I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what was written on that sheet.
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