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  1. After reading a bunch from these boards, I've finally gotten stable (so far) build with relaxed timings on my BH6 Mushkins. I believe these were never designed to go the way of high mem fsb so I may just halt it at 230 @ 3.00vdimm (kinda hesitant to push past this point atm). The thing is that I can o/c these sticks to 230 x 11 fine right now but they are in positions 1 and 2 and running in single channel mode. Is there a noticeable difference between dual channel and single channel memory mode, given the new memory controller on the cpu? I'm also in a bind because my XP-120 doesn't give me enough room to install ram to slot 4, so I can't use both the orange slots as I've read here so much. I'm thinking of switching to an XP-90 but want to ask about how much potential increase in performance I'll get by getting a smaller heatsink/fan therefore opening up the slot 3, and "maybe" getting dual channel to work then buying higher spd ram (4400+) and working the cpu more. This SD chip is running 2.5 right now on default speed and I think it's my old but low latency ram that's holding me back. Thoughts?
  2. Sweet, so it can do 240-250. I'll have to try the settings again then. I'll up the voltage a bit more too, but kinda scared of 3.3 But before I O/C, is there an issue with these sticks doing dual channel? I can o/c 1 stick but can't seem to get 2 sticks just to work in dual channel mode. (They will work in single channel mode for 1gig)
  3. No, it's BH-6, came out right after the BH-5s were all gobbled up. But it runs 2-2-2 with a nudge in voltage to 2.7 I know part of this is an overclock question but my main concern is that two of these sticks won't do dual channel at 2-2-2 first. With one stick in, I can run 2-2-2 and about 215
  4. This is older memory, but was hoping I could take advantage of the low latency but as I've read so far, the mem bus is taking people higher in achieving high cpu frequency. Has anyone successfully gotten two of these sticks at 2-2-2 and fsb beyond 210? If I relax the timings, anyone gotten beyond 220? I'm having issues with raising the fsb. Am I just SOL and should get the newer rams that have more bandwidth? I just got my DFI NF4 ultra-d running after pulling my hair out for hours. (I'm bald) but only after running 1 stick in position 1. The 2nd refuses to do dual channel. Although if I mix yellow/orange they will do 1gig at single channel (64bit) fine. Is this a motherboard problem or a memory problem? Oh, I read the issues with the Seasonic p/s's and I think I'm safe in that regard, even with a newer version.
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