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  1. Well - it has decided to start again. I'll never know why...
  2. Sorry - should have been more specific. It's a 90mm fan conencted to a rheostat, and it is disconnected now. I tried reseating everything I coudl think of, to no avail.
  3. So today I decide to install a new fan in my box. Everythinggoes well, although a little tight. Then I can't reboot. Very strange, the boot sequence does an unusual long pause at the "NF4 SLI" line, then it finally detects my IDE DVD after 10 seconds, and then it displays "Detecting IDE drives" forever as it seemingly fails to detect my 2 SATA drives. I looked, nothing seems disconnected. I don't get it...I resetted the bios just in case, and now of course I can only se the DFI logo and it still won't boot. Loos like the HDDs are not detected, but in any case why the long pause before detecting the DVD player? Also, 1 LED stays on during LED diag sequence. Damn, this is killing me. Any help woudl be greatly appreciated!
  4. So I did install the cable, but noticed that when I put the jumper cover on the other end of the cable, it's a bit loose (not as snug as it was on the mobo). Is this going to be ok?Thanks!
  5. I tried pliers, it's just such a pain. I'll have to remove the humongous 7800GTX, and some fans, etc... Oh well, gotta do what I have to do!
  6. I have RMA'd my RAM and will receive a different model in exchange. But silly me I left a high voltage in the bios, that is way to high for the new model. What is the proper way on my boartd to make sure I reset the voltage to its default value? Is it a "clear CMOS" or is there another simpler way (this jumper is impossible to access on my machine, I have to literally take everything apart...) Thanks!
  7. Yep, read all that and agree with you. I'm very happy running my redlines @ 2T ! I was just curious as to the reason why 1T couldn't be done Thanks for clarifying!
  8. That I know I was interested to know why the Venus could do it, whether it was some hardware or bios related differences.
  9. Ok - I thought I read that some boards like the Venus could actually do 4x512 with 1T? Must have been bad info then?
  10. So I know my board won't allow me to use 1T with my 4x512 RAM, but I was wondering if this is something a new bios could fix in the future? Or is there any other reason for which this can't be done? Thanks
  11. I flashed OK with 702-2, but 704-2BT results in no post, and the mobo beeping at 1 second interval. Any ideas why this is happening?
  12. I'm building my system and installed CPU, HS, Fans and RAM today. When I fire up the PC, there are 4 red lights that stay on. I don't have a graphic card plugged, so I'm not sure what happens, but shouldn't it change to 3 lights then 2 as it detects CPU and RAM? Or do I have to plug everuthing (HDD, keyboard, VGA, etc...) in order to see the sequence? Thanks!
  13. BioVader, you may want to consider lapping the heatsink. AngryGames has a thread here on" cleaning the NF4". Do what he says, but add a step to lap it. This should get your temps lower by 5°C, as the HS is really rough.
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