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  1. The SI is actually a re-engineered design of the XP-120, created mainly to address the installation problems with certain motherboards that the XP had. It's basically a 'New and Improved' model, not a 'lesser quality version'. They both have equally great performance.
  2. I went through this exact same decision process for my system... 3500+ & 7800GT or 3700+ & X800XL? The way I rationalized it is that I'm going to be running the same proc for at least 2 years, whereas I will most likely go through 2 video card upgrades in that same time period. Every system I've had, the video card is always the first and most frequently upgraded component. I'd rather have the Sandy to go with whatever video card I'm running next year...
  3. cocacolaman: Thanks for the reply and the pics. I guess the LED's show through the heatsink fins then? I assume thats only from a level view though, seems like it does definitely cover up the lower DIMM slot. Anyhoo, after much deliberation I think I am just going to ditch the LEDs and save myself about $50 by going with some OCZ Platinum sticks instead. And I am going to go with the XP-90 as well, instead of the 120, saving a couple more bucks. Thank you all for your help. I'll probably be back here hanging around after I start putting this thing together and OC'ing it. Cheers
  4. Wow, 2 pages over the weekend. Thanks for the replies guys, it's nice to see an active community here. Some interesting points about the fan layouts. My case will have 4 80mm's (2 front, 1 back, 1 blowhole) and then I guess the big 120mm for the sink. I'll have to consider options once I actually put it together. So the bottom line it seems is that the XP-120 will fit, but it blocks a PCIe(x2?) slot, which should not be a problem. I will only be using the x16 slot for the graphics card. So here is my final question: I have always been more of a performance over appearance kind of guy, but for this rig I wanted to pimp it up a bit. So I'm going with the Corsair RAM with the activity LEDs. Will the sink block the view of the pretty blinking lights? I am perfectly willing to go with the XP-90 instead, but just for the aesthetic value I would rather have the sweet Hot Rod look of the XP-120. Any of you who have an XP-120 on an Ultra-D have a pic you could post?
  5. Hello all, I am new to the forums and trying to finalize the build for my new rig. I have a question for any of you who have had any experience with Thermalright heatsinks: I would like to get an XP-120 if possible. However, being the monstrous beast that it is, I am concerned about whether or not it will fit with the DFI board and not block RAM slots, PCIe slot, etc. Also, I would like to get the Corsair sticks with LEDs, so I want my Bling to be visible Are any of you using an XP-120 with a Lanparty Ultra-D, and have you had any problems/issues? Just looking for some info before I buy the sink. The other option is to go with the smaller XP-90. I would appreciate any feedback from any of you who are using that model as well. My as-yet-to-be-ordered specs are in my sig. Thanks!
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