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  1. I work as a graphic designer at a newspaper and i've been working on getting my work to include some money in next years budget for more memory which is probably going to happen soon. Even after that does happen though I highly doubt it will be enough for my liking. I started laughing the day I started when I found out the system I would be working on only had 1.5Gb and it's on a mac so it's probably going to be more ram hungry than a typical pc. Anyway, until we get more memory (and even after) i'd like to be able to use an external stratch disk for photoshop & illustrator. I have an external drive that is hooked up but for some reason photoshop won't recogize it as a usable scratch disk but illustrator will. Anyone know of some external drives that would work well for what i'm looking for? (btw, it's a maxtor 200Gb 7200RPM USB2 external drive so if there is a way to get it to work in photoshop please let me know). Ideas, solutions, suggestions? Thanks! **EDIT** Ok, figured it out. I don't know how to delete this thread though. For anyone else that stumbles upon this with the same problem, the drive must be formatted in HFS in order for photoshop on a mac to write to it.
  2. Hey guys, so how many of you guys actually got a 360? It was so crazy to get these....and people are nuts about them....literally. Anyways, if any of you guys live in the Boise, ID area you can come play them at Infinity Entertainment. I've heard alot of stories about tons of them not working but the 9 that we managed to get have been running nearly non-stop and haven't had a single problem. They are backwards compatible with quite a few games although BF2:MC isn't yet. Anyways, they are pretty fun and have pretty good graphics although game developers are going to need some time to really get some games out that can flex the muscle of the 360. We've got ours running on 42" LCD tvs and one of them on a 120" HD projection theater. We'll be replacing all our normal xboxes with these new ones really soon too. Anyways, come check us out if you are in the area. If anyone has some questions about them for stuff to test or something just let us know to. I'd be happy to try a few tests to help you guys out or something. Anyways, here is our web site: http://www.playthefuture.net Since our biz is so new we couldn't pre order them and ended up camping out at best buy and shopko, lol. There are some seriously crazy people in this world.
  3. I haven't been all over the net lately to find sweet deals on this kind of memory but I found this: 2Gb memory stick pro. for $110 here: http://newsite.pagecomputers.com/store/pro...cookie%5Ftest=1 and for $117 here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820191411 I bought one from the first site and got it two days ago. I use it for my Samsung sc-x105l digital camcorder that only uses this memory. Works great and now i've got lots of recording time.
  4. I do have to say that looks great with the blue and the red separated. Awesome job on the whole thing. I've been out of the modding arena for a bit since I started riding street bikes but thanks to my recent accident i'll be getting back into it. My upcoming project is modding an xbox for either linux or Mac OS X and then I want to take my old Toshiba laptop that has a broken screen and make a fun project out of it as well. Anyways, i'll be waiting to see more of your mods! Awesome job to you and Mat!
  5. New store open in Boise, Idaho...check it out! www.playthefuture.net Anyways, someone came in one day that spoke with the owner of the business and later the owner informed me he was an admin/moderator or something like that on this site...so i'm just curious who you are! I've been a member of this site for awhile and thought it was really cool to have someone higher up on the chain from this site come into IE. My cousin (the owner) said I should meet you sometime. He said he mentioned I was on this site but he didn't know my username when you asked. Anyways, it's always fun to meet a fellow OCC user.
  6. Well, so far I have come up with a 4 port component distribution amplifier for $120 and we'll just get two . Then I found the converters you are talking about except for component cables...and they are really expensive everywhere on the internet. I was living in Federal way, wa which there is a Fry's close to there but now i'm down in Boise, ID and they don't have one here. Soo...I researched how they are made and decided since I already have the skills for building things like that, then i'll just put them to good use and make my own. Tomorrow i'll be testing one that I make to be sure it'll work. What i'm wondering though is what if you run the ethernet cable from the signal source to a switch and then from the switch to the other video devices? Think it would work? Maybe tomorrow i'll give it a shot and see if it works or not.
  7. So i'm looking to find a way to connect 8 projectors that are used for projection theatres at my cousin's biz. (www.playthefuture.net). We want to be able to play a movie and connect multiple theatres to the source, connect multiple theatres to a laptop for things like presentations, etc. So...one source...many displays. Any ideas?
  8. I went to DeVry for a year and now i'm just under 30k in debt...I left because I decided to get into web design and Super sport bikes (track racing). The only DeVry I would suggest going to is the one in Pheonix, AZ, that is the only one worth it. They are fairly well accredited but if I could go back a year I would not have gone there. I was very disappointed with DeVry....Although I was being personally taught by the Electronics Engineering Dean which has some extensive degrees. A couple from MIT and other schools...that was well worth it, I learned a TON from him. Ohh yeah, Microsoft representatives aren't looking at DeVry grads like they do grads from other schools. Not just Microsoft but many other companies as well. If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] Ohh, and doing your FAFSA online is safe...it's a governmental funding thing...it's safe.
  9. I am running most of my cousin's networking stuff at his new biz (gaming/entertainment using xbox's and pc's) and i've been running into a few problems...i'm still learning and i'm reading and reading and reading...so any help would be greatly appreciated. We just setup the Dlink DGL-4100 gaming router to prioritize xbox live over any inet requests from pc's but we have a DL-524 wireless router already on the network. I know you can setup the routers to be primary and secondary but there are a few things i'm not finding good definitions for...such as: RIP Announcement, Gateway Metric, and the best setting for the MTU. We have a T1 (only one for now) in which I want to go directly from the Cisco 2600 T1 Router to the DGL-4100, then from there to a 16 port switch. The 16 port switch will also be connected to a 24 port switch at the front of the building which will have the DL-524 wireless router connected to it. I know since the DL-524 will be the secondary router it needs to have the DHCP disabled and the uplink from the 24 port switch needs to be plugged into one of the LAN ports and not the WAN port. So am I setting all this up right so far? Now I need to figure out how to be able to access the DGL-4100 and the DL-524 from anywhere hardwired in the building...right now I can only access the DGL-4100. Any ideas? By the way, we are using the wireless router as a "hotspot" for people to bring in their stuff and use the inet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows a better way to setup this stuff please let me know.
  10. hmm, interesting. So what type of connection would you need to make it work?
  11. hmm, interesting. That is some very valuable information, thank you. Ever since high school I was under the impression (because of what I was told by several people) that a T1 (depending on the type) isn't necessarily super fast, but instead has a wide data "pipe". So you would be able to run more connections at 1.5mb. Connections such as dsl have limited data "pipe" width so to speak, which would be why they slow down dramatically with each added connection. Our school had about 600 computers on their T1 (yes, we were a small school) and I was one of the tech. students that had "free reign" so I got away with pretty much anything I wanted. My friends and I were big on downloading...on multiple pcs...which it did disrupt the overall bandwidth for the school district but each pc was downloading at approximately 1.5mb and we (6 of us, 2 of us used two pcs and I used 3) didn't experience any terrible speed/bandwith drop on our pcs or any other pc in the district....although, that depends on your definition of terrible too... : ) but hey, sounds like you know what you're talkin about and I was just told the wrong thing. Maybe our school had a better connection than what we were told or somethin.
  12. why would that be a bad idea to connect them to xbox live? It's a full blown T1 and xbox live doesn't consume that much bandwidth.
  13. Yeah, thats what I figured to. Any other ideas that would help out? How about some good places to buy this stuff?
  14. i'm pretty sure I know the advantages of switches over hubs, etc. but for the sake of being sure and telling him the correct info. what are the possibilities if he were to go with hubs over switches?
  15. I'm helping my cousin setup his networking for his new biz he started. He will be hooking up 16 xbox's in one room and 8 in another with the possibility for future upgrades (more xbox's) and the day xbox360 comes out he will be replacing all the current xbox's with those. So...he wants to go with a 16 port hub/switch in the first room and an 8 port hub/switch in the second room. I recomended going with a 16 port switch 10/100 (he asked if he should go with a 10/100 or just a 10, which I thought was just odd) in the first room and a 12 or 16 port 10/100 switch in the second room....should he be sure to get switches or would hubs do the job well enough? Also, if he will be upgrading to the xbox360 when they come out should he go gigabit or will he be safe sticking with just 10/100? There will be a T1 line connected to this network by the way. Any recomendations or ideas? It'll be a pretty simple setup but he has to watch how much he spends while getting hardware that'll do the job now and when he gets the new 360's.
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