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  1. Welcome back Merlin, can u give us more details? It's weird Expert and Venus use the same bios... Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a fully working Expert mobo, who can help me? Thanks.
  3. Merlin's bios are a must http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...0&postcount=174 I go with the 04.11.06 Bios and it rules
  4. you simply need to resort your boot drives in the new bios and set the boot from cd when installing Win, then set it back to boot from your main hard disk.
  5. I mirrored both here but they're just the bin files. What else do you need?
  6. Merlin bioses simply rule! Any user who tried them reached great results in terms of ram overclock and stability (me included).
  7. AFAIK Expert and Venus don't use the same BIOS. Moreover I think your warranty will be voided if your board gets corrupted for such experiment.
  8. 10-07-06 -=Merlin=- BIOS 04-11-06 -=Merlin=- BIOS Merlin announced a new BIOS but never posted a link to it Enjoy!
  9. It makes perfect sense for Merlin to disappear
  10. Hi Lord Merlin, where can we find this new magick healer for our pcs? What did you change from previous ones? Thanks again for all your efforts!
  11. I think this is a motherboard problem, I jumped from a SLI-DR which was an horrible overclocker with any bios to this Expert mobo which made me happy On the SLI-DR I went from a AMD64 3500+ which topped 2.55 mhz to a 3800 x2 which topped exactly the same speed, so I understood it was not a problem of cpu but the motherborad simply refused to be pushed further. DFI boards performances can vary a lot from board to board, just a matter of luck sometimes...
  12. I agree on setting ram timings in the BIOS and not in A64Tweaker, I'll give a try pushing the memory with 2.85v, now I can try since winter is coming, in summer here air easily reaches 38° and it's a pain for hw components...I'm quite satisfied with my 270x10 1:1 ram at almost default voltages (2.74v for ram 1.41v for cpu, all other voltages at default), I can easily push the cpu to 2.950 mhz and set the 183 divider so the ram will run at 270 I think 10 or 15 mhz more don't make a big difference in terms of performance.
  13. Great ram then Are you setting those values in the BIOS or in Windows? And what voltage did you apply to the ram? Cheers!
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