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  1. Well, many of you probably don't remember me as I mostly lurked, and posted here in the off-topic section with little to no substance to my posts. I think my only technical contribution was a stock-speed DB entry. I have been far too busy with other things over the past several months to dedicate any time to keeping up with my favorite tech. forum. I can see that there has been quite a few changes in the board graphics and layout. I have yet to really delve into the new format, but from my first glance it looks like it is a great improvement. I would like to thank Happy/Angry Games and all others involved with the running of this site for continuing to provide this great site for us lesser people. I'd also like to say congratulations on the improved visual style and organization. I'm quite interested to see how the branching out from only computer tech. has come along and am sure that I've got several days worth of reading to catch up on things. Regards, fst h2o
  2. I certainly hope DFI isn't having a 10% failure rate for their boards. I can't say for certain about motherboards, but in a few case studies I had to look over in school, a failure rate of 10% off the production line would be catastrophic (they were looking to improve from 3% to 1%). Now, these were much simpler manufacturing processes, but none the less I would think that 10% defective would kill a company. Oh, and congratulations to H_G and all the "staff" here. You guys are a huge part of helping to make sure the customer service is done properly.
  3. Well, here's an update to go with the title-change. I had to jump-start my PSU, and now it is at least powering up (sort of). I started with nothing in but the CPU, and got it running with a RAM error. When I replaced the RAM, the RAM error remained. I got a single stick running in one slot past the RAM error. When I put in the second stick, it still went to the VGA error. Now the problem is, everytime I plug in one of the power connections, the computer does the same thing as it did in my first post. I can get things running again by unplugging the power connection to the graphics card (no need to jump-start the PSU again). EDIT: Tried using a 4-pin to 6-pin adapter for one of the fan connections off of this PSU, and one from a different PSU. I think that somewhere through the VGA is shorting out my PSU. Any way to confirm this?
  4. Actually, my post count is rather deceiving. I've had no problems until now, and mostly spam the off-topic forum. Thanks for the tips. I'll give this a try right now. @tasr: Thanks for the links.
  5. Well, I have a problem with my main rig. I had left my computer running [email protected] while I went out for the night. When I came home, the computer was shut down. Upon trying to restart, everything seems dead. When I turn it on, the fans start running for maybe half a second, then stop. The error LED's lights up for half a second, then goes out. There is no beep code, or anyhting else happening. I have tried clearing the CMOS (even a long clear overnight with the battery out). I have tried with a single stick or RAM in each slot, and tried taking everything out but the CPU. Despite the changes, when I try and power on, nothing different happens. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I don't know if ya'll have seen these, but they impressed me. http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce8.html Man, I want one. Perhaps that'll be part of my Christmas present to myself in January, along with a nice little E6600.
  7. I would take the honesty route. Everytime I've lied about something, it came back to haunt me (both in that I generally got caught up somehow, or my concience). Explain exactly what you were doing. I am thinking something like this: "Well, I build computers as a hobby, and was curious what the insides of the school's computers looked like. I only took the case off to have a look inside. I am pretty certain I didn't do anything to 'fry' the motherboard. This was several weeks ago, and motherboards will short out instantly not over a long period of time." Now, that is of course only if that is what you were thinking and doing, which is how I interpreted your posts.
  8. To hell with that fancy duct-tape wallet. I made my own when I was younger, and it surprisingly lasted over a year (at the time I only had a little cash, and a few video rental cards). What I ended up sporting one night a few summers ago. Plenty of room for all my money, credit cards, license, gum, mints, yo-yo.... What I need nowadays is one with a breathalyzer on the credit-card pocket so I can't buy the entire bar a round of drinks anymore. Sorry for all the bad jokes. I've had a Rolf's trifold wallet for the past three years with only one problem. The pockets have gotten stretched out too far, and if I take out one card from either side, the whole lot on that side is liable to fall out if I'm not careful.
  9. How long have you been hoping for this divorce so you could use that line?
  10. Well, I am on Comcast cable/broadband. I've got a pretty good package of two digital boxes, all the channels except Cinemax, 8000/1500 broadband connection for $99.99. I've had zero problems with the cable or broadband, except when they shut down for a few hours for maintainance one night without letting me know. Surprisingly my call to them at 2AM got through and I was then told that it was scheduled maintainance and I should have gotten an e-mail (to the e-mail account I never bothered to setup through Comcast). Now, my cell-phone is a different story all together. I am with Verizon (required for work), yet their coverage in Wyoming is abysmal.
  11. Well, I am a child of the eighties, and have no problem listening to an eighties cover band when I go out. I have always loved live music over a jukebox, usually. I think there's only been one or two bands that I've seen that I'd rather just have the jukebox playing. As everyone else has suggested, do what will make you happy, and enjoy it.
  12. fst h2o

    C&C First Decade

    Well, on my game they are bundled with their original games.
  13. What do you do with 365 used rubbers? Melt 'em down, make a tire out of 'em, and call it a Goodyear.
  14. Well, I don't know if this is a bug you're too concerned about, but I have my time set at Rocky Mountain (GMT-7), the times are right, but at the bottom of pages it states that all times are "GMT-6".
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