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  1. Another thing to verify is that your CPU is properly seated. A couple of weeks ago another user on this forum had a similar problem. After all kinds of tests, it turned out to be a bent pin on the CPU. Just a thought... Kind regards, Karl
  2. Sava700's replay indicates that it is in fact a PSU related problem, not MoBo. Euclid, you said that you suspected it to be a DFI error because there's a whole group of people with the same problem. I had a similar problem. It turned out to be the PSU. As a matter of fact, if you search this forum and look in the threads regarding this error, you'll soon come to the conclusion that it isn't DFI MoBo related. In most of the cases it's been either a user error, a bad PSU, RAM related or heat related. As far as I know there's been no reports of bad motherboards. So again, please try all options before you RMA your board. Kind regards, Karl
  3. Do I need to cool my chipset? Well, not if temps around 70c is considered to be normal or OK I had no temp problems before I installed my second 7800 GTX. After the install, the chipset fan span at a constant 100% and temps NEVER droped bellow 60c ! To get things back to "normal", I've had to install extra blow hole fans and to be on the safe side I'm operating my PC with a open case ... I guess it's because of the chipset location. It can handle on 7800 on top of it but as soon as you add another one... So, to be frank and honest - Yes, I do need to watercool my chipset to prevent a fire Kind regards, Karl
  4. No, you're not alone. I got my system up 'n running without to much sweat Kind regards, Karl
  5. Angry Games, I take your answer as DD has a chipset block that'll work with two cards in SLI. I have read some rumors about it, but never seen it. There's no info available on the DD website... Please, enlighten me with your inside knowledge Kind regards, Karl
  6. I'd guess your PSU doesn't deliver enough voltage. In other words - it's broken! RMA your PSU Kind regards, Karl
  7. Well, that's the nature of computers :nod: You never really understand why they work... Kind regards, Karl
  8. Hello There This sounds like a typicall PSU related error. Please verify ( with the use of another PC) that your PSU is in working order. I had similar problems when I installed my DFI setup, all my parts were brand new and in box. However, it turned out that my PSU didn't deliver the correct voltages and hence my PC rebooted and crashed at will. Now, if your PSU turns out to be ok. Take a look at this thread http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...179&postcount=4 and develop your own RAM settings. Running with bad or wrong RAM settings can cause the PC to behave the way your does. But, I DO think you have a hardware error on hand. Return the stuff (RMA) to be sure. Kind regards, Karl
  9. Hello Acid03, Lets go back to your DRAM settings. My experience with the Corsair DFI combo is that "Auto" settings doesn't work. After reviewing your original post at nvidia, I firmly believe that your problems stems from bad RAM settings. To give it a shot, try these settings: DRAM Voltage: 2,7 v DRAM Frequenzy Set: 200 Mhz 1:1 CPC: 1T tCL: 2 tRCD: 3 tRAS: 6 tRP: 3 tRC: 9 tRFC: 19 (tried lower but it only decreased performance) tRRD: 2 tWR: 3 tWTR: 1 tRTW: 1 tREF: 3120 (200 Mhz) tWCL: 1 DRAM Bank Interleave: Enable DQS Skew Control: Increase Skew DQS Skew Value: 255 DRAM Drive Strength: 3 Max Async Latency: 7 ns Read Preamble Time: 5 ns Idle Cycle Limit: 032 Dynamic Counter: Disable R/W Queue Bypass: 16x Bypass Max: 7x 32 Byte Granulation: Disable You could also try to remove ALL of you nvidia drivers and install the newest version of them. Only istall the chipset and VGA drivers, ignore the rest! Go to control panel-> add remove software, and uninstall all and every nvidia driver - one at a time. Do reboots inbetween to make sure they're gone. Let me know if it works or if it still causes errors. Kind regards, Karl
  10. Hello, When doing a search it's sometimes good to take a look in the other subforums as well: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23674 Kind regards, Karl
  11. :shake: ooopss! S**t happens, now get the right BIOS and let the Hacking begin! Kind regards, Karl
  12. KaSchweet! Now, does this mean I'll get some extra DFI-Street points or something like that :angel: Seriously Minkey, I'm glad it helped you! Two 7800's are of no use if they don't work in SLI ... Kind regards, Karl
  13. If you take a closer look in your BIOS near the "MAC LAN Auto" settings, you should find a setting for MAC lan address or name (can't remember the exact name right now). You need to enter your LAN adapter MAC address in this setting, as the good user you are - you're probably wondering were you'll find that information Don't dispair! Open your case and take a good look at your motherboard. On top of the LAN port you should find a white sticker with some numbers and letters. That's your MAC address! Easy PeCee.... Kind regards, Karl
  14. I never got CAS 2,5 work either. Only CAS 2 seams to work with my RAM ... No biggie for me, as long as it's stable (which it is). Kind regards, Karl
  15. RGone, I'm flattered that you aknowledge my solution as something that has helped other users I've got some help from this forum so I feel obliged to pay back. Kind regards, Karl
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