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  1. I removed the IHS off my 4400 finally and let me tell you it wasn't easy at first. I gave up the first time in fear of ruining my $600 CPU. I gave it another crack at it again and I used the artic silver thermal remover and a double sided razor and it worked like a charm. Now here is the best part. Have any of you noticed that when you dual prime your temp instantly jumps? I'm on water and my idle goes from about 28-29C to 38C instantly. The moment I think about pressing that "OK" button bam 38C. Now without the IHS I see it gradually increase in temperature. Granted it is fast as hell but it does 29->31->35 stays at 35C for about 2 seconds and goes back and forth from 35-37C where before it was straight 38C no matter what. My temperature difference is about 2-3C on load and about 1-2C on idle. Not much of an improvement temp wise; however, I am priming at 2800MHZ at 1.55V and its been about 10 minutes and no errors yet where as before it was instant fail. I'm currently running Super PI 32M as well. If Super PI passes while dual priming I will be happy as hell. I think perhaps the majority of the core had good contact except for maybe a part of it. It is perhaps this area that was getting really hot and causing instability. EDIT Prime failed at 2800 on Core 1. I checked the seating and damnit I missed about a good 20% of the core on the upper corner of it!! I reseated and it's been about 15 minutes and temps haven't risen past 34C! It is staying at 32-33C!!! So load temps did drop about 4-5C! Very nice! The IHS has been demoted to case badge! :nod:
  2. What about the artic silver thermal remover?
  3. I most certainly have tried reversing polarity. Still no go
  4. My motherboard led headers aren't working. This is not really a big deal to me, but damn this is my second case and I doubt the leds on the case is bad (P180). This is the second case I installed the mb on with the connectors in differents ways and still no lights. It would be pretty silly to RMA a board because of a stupid thing like this, but it is annoying. I doubt there is a fix for something like this or is there? What should I do?
  5. No one knows yet? I tried googling around I haven't seen anything to satisfy my question.
  6. For the 4400 I think it is equally important to list the rev. Mine is JH-E6. Some have SH9-E6
  7. This cannot be correct. However, I would like to know where it is getting that reading from...
  8. Wow, I have a DIamond Max10 300GB SATA version. I was always wondering why my drive would disappear sometimes. If you have the firmware please email and I'll upload to my site so everyone can easily get it. Email: [email protected] I understand there are two frimware files needed please send both. Thanks!
  9. With the differences being the same in two separate programs how does one prove that this is incorrect?
  10. Sandra does not show the same voltage for me!!! http://www.cischico.com/vcore.jpg
  11. Your CPU-Z shows SH9-E6 Nice overclock by the way EDIT: Nevermind I see you posted here earlier.... i'm going to bed...
  12. Anyone that may know something please shed light on this. EDIT: I downloaded this program as well and I am getting the same indication. Is this a true indication? I think this deserves a lot of attention!
  13. Thanks for the post. I'm wondering if SH9's are 4800's that didn't make the cut.
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