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  1. OH MY GOD SUCCESS! It took four days of headaches (spread out, I wasn't sitting here 24/7) but It works! the trick: I followed fernando's advice and made a floppy with the raid drivers from the 6.53 nvidia set, and somehow that was the only floppy I ever made that worked! and trust me I tried dozens of them. OKay so Richatard is a happy camper. GOODNIGHT!
  2. Possible breakthrough: I just turned swapped connecter ends on the floppy cable, and reversed one side and noticed that windows still seams to work with it, hmm maybe windows worked both ways but windows setup needs the floppy to be setup perfectly! Its formatting and writting to the disc as I type this, I hope it works. Oh and just to clarify, I have not once in this whole process sucessfully had windows setup read my floppy and display those two drivers that needed to be loaded, so this might just turn the tables. thanks guys! I think?
  3. Yes I have seen three drivers, two of them are that, a zip file containing an EXE that formats and creats a floppy, but the newest drivers are just a zip containing all the files that you are spossed to extract onto a floppy. this is day three of trying, still unresolved.
  4. it doesn't work for me I download the file called NF4 RAID F6.ZIP I unzip it into a brand new freashly formatted floppy I restart and boot from the cd and press f6, then S and it gives me an error and when I use my slipstreamed disc it installs but bluescreens on boot. Oh and I was kidding about the doller haha yeah I rock and no making the image myself wouldn't work, I lost the floppy, I just want the old drivers on that floppy that work.
  5. Yeah I am still having MAJOR problems, I followed all the guides to a T and made one disc after another, they boot great! they install great! when it is trying to start the first time it just doesn't work. ****! Can anyone send me a disc image from the origional working floppy that comes with our motherboards? PLEASE??????? I'll paypal someone a buck :-)
  6. I have not tried to slipstream in a few months, I just remember it being amazingly frustrating. I will try right now, also I don't see any tutorial from angry about slipstreaming nforce4 drivers into XP, also I use MCE I still don't know if that will work! WHY DOES THE FLOPPY NOT WORK!!
  7. okay I downlaoded this file File NF4 RAID F6.ZIP and unzipped it onto a clean formatted brand new floppy. I put my legit version of windows xp MCE 2005 and set my computer to boot from that CD, I press f6 when it asks and I press "s to specify aditional drivers" and then I get an error about not being able to read the file system. FUNK THIS SHIZ!
  8. thanks but I am WELL aware on how to install it, if you read my question I just need the floppy to use! Oh and I did say that I had used the nvidias site.
  9. I have tried it about six times, followed many different guides TO A T and they never work for me. I am sure I am doing one stup-id thing wrong but ERGGG it never works! Also I use windows media center edition and I like using my legit discs. But whatever, do you know if MCE works with nlite, and also do you know what drivers I should use, and whats the best guide.
  10. I have spent all day on this, including searching your forums for a couple hours and reading pages and pages of other peoples problems that don't compare to mine. So here goes: I have the system in my sig I lost my raid disc I DON'T want to use nlite or any sllipstream or anything, I JUST want to make a floppy so I can press f6 and reinstall, I have a legit copy of xp MCE and I have it installed now on my raid, but I need to reinstall, copying the files from a nvidia system drivers install doesn't work, on the DFI site all of those raid drivers work, I have tried other floppies, My floppy drive works great, I usually get "windows can not recognise the file system on this disc" or whatever. ugh I need a massage and a rockstar. anyone have the disc they can make a floppy image of for me? the one that comes with this mobo?
  11. thanks a lot guys! I knew it was not as powerfull as it should have been
  12. I just built another system and this time because of size constraints with my water cooling system the first (closests to the cpu) PCI-e slot is taken up, so I put my video card in the second one, I am curios if I should set it to SLI in this mode, it seems to work but for a 7900gtx it should be faster than it is right now, is it in 4x mode?
  13. okay so I have the rig in my signiture, and I am moved the coax jumper over, and set up my logitech z5500-D speakers in Coax mode, and pluged an RCA cable from the spidf out to my logitech reciever, and it seems to work great, but only in stereo! when I go through the nvidia Nvmixer speaker wizard, and it detects that I am using digital, it automatically sets up 2.0, and thats the end, and when I have no applications running my reciever says "no digital data" but when I turn on Itunes, it says "stereo" I went back to Nvmixer and manually set 5.1, and still, its getting a stereo signal, should I install a 5.1 game and test it? truthfully I have great ears, but is there any better quality using digital sound over the analog cables? if not I will just use analog to get 5.1 data. What should I do? anyone know how to get 5.1 digital coax on this setup?
  14. OKay well on my DFI lanparty NF4 Ultra-d with the audio util off the cd, I can't get the speakers to work on digital coaxial connection. and idea what I am doing wrong? or how to select that mode in the NV mixer
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