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  1. Final update, as this problem has been resolved. Thanks to StevenC & Ex-Roadie for tips that helped me resolve it. I took the motherboard out a second time to make sure all the standoffs were tightened down. There were some things still plugged in that I didn't have plugged in the initial time I took the motherboard out. All of the plugs for the front panel of the case were still plugged in. So I figured I'd try them one at a time to see if perhaps if something was wrong with the wires. All of them worked except for the reset switch plug. Listening to Ex-Roadie's wise words of wisdom: With the case on it's side, I was able to to see that the reset switch was in just slightly. From the case's normal standing position, I could not see this. Needless to say that after checking that the reset switch on the front panel was in it's normal position, the computer boots up fine now. Thanks again for all the help, looks like I um, won't have to RMA the board after all. lol
  2. It ran fine for about a month before my first problem, reseated the CPU fixed it. Close to two months later, another problem... reseating the CPU fixed it. About 3 weeks later, another problem. Reseating the CPU didn't fix it. Getting really irritated as I don't know what the problem is. Without knowing exactly what is wrong, I don't know what to send back to the store I bought it from to get working components again. It's also frustrating because it seems to be an intermittent problem.
  3. Did what StephenC said to do and I am COMPLETELY stumped out of my skull now. Took motherboard out of case. Plugged in all 4 power connectors to motherboard, plugged video card, put in one stick of ram and the keyboard. It posted. Loaded optimal configuration, rebooted. Shutdown computer, plugged in hard drive. Booted up to windows. Shutdown, plugged in floppy drive. Booted into windows again. Shutdown, plugged in DVD Burner. Booted into windows again. Ran UT 2004 again (Which was the game I ran which caused all this hassle to begin with). Came up fine. Shut down, unplugged everything, put MB into case, plugged in 4 power connectors, stick of ram, video card, keyboard. Now stuck at same spot, not booting, no sound, and diagnostic leds stay at 4. Any suggestions now? As stated at the beginning of my post, I'm completely stumped out of my skull now. I haven't moved the case in close to over a month. I'm at a loss as what to do. Thanks.
  4. I'll give it a shot and try it out. It just seems weird that I'd have to take all the parts out of the system and work on them outside of the case when it originally was working inside the case. I will try it out though.
  5. Back again with more problems on my rig. Tried to play UT 2004, started to load and then hardlocked. Powered down system, turned back on, nothing. Problems: Won't post 4 leds on No sounds from the speaker Troubleshooting steps taken: Confirmed all power plugs are into the MB. Had in 1 stick of ram, Video, single hard drive. No beeps. Removed CPU and reseated. No beeps. Removed CPU completely and tried to boot without a CPU. No beeps. Cleared BIOS (let it sit for almost 3 hours). Nothing. Currently in the process of doing a 6 hour clear to see if that helps. Removing the CPU and not having any sounds makes me lean toward the MB, but I'm not sure. I dont know what other steps to take before calling Monarch up and seeing if I can get an RMA on the motherboard. Or should I just bypass Monarch and send it directly into DFI? Any help would be greatly appreciated, need to get my rig up!
  6. Tried something out of the blue and decided to reseat my cpu, again. Had both sticks in, turned it on, and it got stuck at the Lanparty splash screen. Shut down computer, left in top stick in orange slot. Rebooted and it came up. Loaded optimized settings again, shut down, put in second stick. Back to same error. Took out both sticks of ram. Put the stick of ram that I put in the 2nd orange slot and got error. Took it out and put original one back in, and now it works with one stick. Like switch, makes me thing that it's not a ram issue. I'm now going to be looking over the initial boot post for CMOS settings and hopefully I can get the second stick working in DDR mode. This is REALLY odd. Both Switch and I having same problems with the OCZ Platinum Rev 2 memory. We've both put the memory into another machine and it came up detecting as intended. I've not run a 16 hour memtest, but I've ran an 8 hour in the past with no errors at all. After reviewing the CMOS post and setting up as instructed if I still can't get the 2nd stick to work, I'm still going to be confused as I won't know if it's the CPU or the Ultra-D. Having to reseat the CPU may lean towards the CPU having issues, but the CPU slot (for lack of a better word) could be defective as well. I'll post again when I've got the CMOS set up with the proper timings for the OCZ memory. Thanks to those who responded.
  7. Update on the memory problem: Popped the OCZ Platinum into another machine and it detected the memory no problem. Didn't have time to run memtest on it but it is indeed coming up and detecting the full 2 gb of ram. Fletcherea- I did have to reseat my CPU once, but that was over a month ago and it's worked flawlessly since then, not a single lockup on any game or application. Any other suggestions anyone? Or should I just call Monarch and get the RMA wheels rolling?
  8. Had an odd thing happen last night, was playing World of Warcraft and the system just crashed. Rebooted the PC and got a repeating long beep. Checked the LEDs and it stopped on 3. Cleared the bios and tried booting up with a stick of known working ram, went into bios and loaded optimized settings. Rebooted again and stuck at the same 3 LEDs with the same repeating beep. I've tried 4 sticks of ram seperately in the orange slot closest to edge of motherboard. Same results. I've tried each stick of ram in each of the 4 slots with the same results. I'll be checking the ram on another system later tonight to confirm if they work or not, but as it stands now, I don't think it's the ram that's bad, I'm thinking that it's the motherboard that is bad. Any suggestions on what to do? If I get the ram working in another system should I RMA the Mobo? I've already changed out the PSU around a month ago from the Aspire to the new Enermax. I'm completely stumped as to what to do if I get the memory working in another system. Thanks, Kurt
  9. First and foremost, I'd like to thank you David for your help, as well as thanking both JiminyC & TheSpin. I had a spare 120gb harddrive laying around so I plugged it in, installed windows and got it up and running. Nothing has been installed on it yet, it's just sitting at a desktop. Very confused why the EIDE drive had no problems but the SATA drive did. Anyone have a clue on this? As far as power testing on the PSU, please note that nothing is installed so I haven't had a chance yet to test it under load, but here are my preliminary tests: 12 volt: Post: 12.31 Windows boot: 12.29-12.34 Idle: 12.34 Shutdown: 12.34 In range 5 Volt: Post: 5.04 Boot: 5.03-5.04 Idle: 5.04 Shutdown: 5.04 In range 3.3 Volt: Post: 3.45 boot: 3.45 Idle: 3.45 Shutdown: 3.45 Maximum for 3.3volt on the website given states 3.47 for maximum. Could this be a problem? It's probably all a moot point as far as the PSU goes, will hopefully be getting a new one monday. My main confusion is why the SATA drive locks up while the EIDE seems to be working fine. I'll retest the rails again after I get everything reinstalled, and will test it underload using Prime95. Once again, thank you all for the help.
  10. Fixed in signature. I noticed that it's not listed under the A+ list (and actually not listed at all) but I checked the power on the +12 rail and it shows 34a. The system isn't overclocked and has a single PCiE card in it. I know enough to know that a brand new PSU doesn't always mean 100% working PSU, but it's worked fine for a month, seems odd that a little over a month that it would have problems.
  11. The system has been moved, I went to a lan party about 2 weeks ago. The system has been turned on every day since then and no problems. Steps taken so far: Cleared BIOS according to one of the threads listed here, and that didn't work. Reseated the HSF & CPU, turned it back on and it came on. Didn't notice any discoloration anywhere, but I'm not sure exactly what to look for. Just seen a thin layer of thermal paste. Loaded optimal settings in the bios and rebooted. It came on, started to load Windows and then rebooted. I tried booting into safe mode and it gets to a file called something like mup.sys and reboots. I figured I would do a recovery from the Windows XP cd. The XP CD already has SP2 slipstreamed. Forgot to load the drivers for my SATA drive and gave me the message "Windows can't find a hard drive." Rebooted, loaded my SATA drivers. Now it gets to where it says "Windows is now loading" and hangs. Hit the Num Lock key and it doesn't come on. Been sitting at that spot now for about 15-20 minutes. So it seems that if I don't install the SATA drivers I can't repair the Windows installation because Windows doesn't detect a hard drive. If I load the SATA drivers, it hangs. The drivers that I am loading are: NVidia Raid Class Driver (Required) NVidia NForce Storage Controller (Required) SiI 3114 SoftRAID 5 Controller for Windows XP/Server2003 Am I not loading the proper drivers? Am I missing some steps? Or should I just shut it off and wait until Monday to call Monarch Computers? Thanks again for the help.
  12. Purchased my system over a month ago and everything was working flawlessly until this morning. I hit the power button on my case and nothing. Looked at the diagnostic LEDs and it's stuck on 4 - System Start-up. Doing a search on the forums I came up with one hit, stating it isn't detecting the CPU. I can't download the manual at this time as the DFI website isn't coming up for some reason. So until I can get the manual for more trouble shooting, I'm wondering if I should either try clearing the bios or reseating the CPU, or if I should just wait until I can download the manual off the website to see if that has some information. If it's the case that it's not detecting the CPU, would it even be worth it to clear the BIOS? I bought the computer from Monarch Computers, they did a system setup before they sent it to me. I don't know if I should contact Monarch about this or if I should contact AMD. Sorry for my noobness, but I've vever had anything like this happen to me before so I'm completely clueless as what to do in this situation. Thanks in advance.
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