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  1. Hate to bring this thread back up but I figured to rather keep it in this one than to open another one. I recently upgraded my system (signature). Actually, I only swapped the CPU. Replaced my 3500+ with an X2 4800+. Since heat is always an issue when you got more CPU-power I watch my temps carefully in order to avoid damage. I'm still waiting for some thermal paste to arrive within the next days. My old paste was pretty empty and I didn't get the desired amount and quality on my CPU yet. So far it runs at ~53°C under load but I hope to drop that with the new paste to 45-47°C. Anyway, the title of the thread is not about the CPU temp, rather about the PWM area temp which is really worrying me. I read a lot in old threads (found this one through it) and searched the web for more information. My PWM temp is currently at 63-65°C (load) which is obviously too high?!? I studied the linked threads as well as the pictures and want to do something to reduce that patricular temp. Optimizing my cable management is barely possible, air flow is as good as possible (in the Thermaltake with 2 120mm case-fans) but I have that dead-spot at the PWM area which leads me to the need to install another fan... but I have no clue where and how I should place it. I have no further space above or next to it. Above is blocked with cables that run the USB and audio ports on top of my case and next to it.. well, I don't want to drill holes in my case or do any wild stuff. My estimates tell me that I can only install a case fan (120mm) at the upper front, right below my DVD to blow air towards the PWM. That is the least favorite thing because I that fan blocks three 5,25" slots and I might need one slot soon - for a blue-ray-burner and want to keep my old DVD-burner for saftey. The question now is whether anyone has a Thermaltake Soprano too and has installed a fan interior somewhere or worked out another solution to cool the PWM down. A lot of text but it explains the situation and I hope no questions arise, you can get straight to the answers.
  2. Thanks for the advise! I will definitely save them.
  3. That second try really made my day!! Got my machine to work with it. (using OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K)
  4. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...MP=OTC-SHOPPING That should do it, right?
  5. Hi guys, I'm in need of your help. I've read through all the sticky memory threads to find an answer to my problem, but didn't. I'm planning on buying one new ram-stick from MDT. I've read on some boards that it might work well with my mainboard (see sig) but since I'm having trouble with my current crappy ram I better ask the experts here. Here's the fact-sheet: http://www.mdt.de/download/MDT_DDR184.pdf I wonder if any of you guys tested the ram accidently or heard about compatibility problems. Because I'm currently rather short on money (thanks to university ) I only want to buy one 1gb ram-stick. I know that it's better to have two sticks because of the double-sided story but hey, you can't win 'em all.
  6. I'm running too low when being on 420 W? I just checked my supplier and he has some models above 500W but only very few and none above 600W. I can't believe I'm running too low because there's hardly anything in my case that needs so much power. And why is it working with one memory-stick nearly without problems and when I plug in another I have a heck of problems? Also, why is that sticker and the manual (still) wrong? I mean, that one thread about the power issue was half a year ago, why didn't they change it? Damn, that is annoying now.
  7. I got all 4 power connectors plugged in. I also have a sticker on the mainboard (which I removed and pasted on the box of the board) that says that you need >= 400 W for an Athlon 64 3800+ with a 6800 GT. I have less or similar configuration so it can't be the power in my eyes.
  8. Got the latest 5.8 Catalyst driver this morning and before I had the 5.7. off: Damn, a wonderful beginning of the holidays, isn't it?
  9. Found that option and also disabled it. GTA SA works for like 40 seconds and then I get the vpu-recover window again.
  10. Alright, I will do that in a moment. I'm just checking (once again) with memtest.
  11. No, you can use one or both. Problem is, that it somehow works with one but gets constant errors with 2.
  12. Hi guys. I've read lots of threads with great interest and found some useful hints but my problem is still bothering me. That's what I got so far: I've installed XP Pro on my completely new PC (see signature) which was a pain in the bum at first because it always brought up silly errors especially those two: "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" , "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT". I took a break that day and tried it again the next morning without any problems so I went on configuring everything but during that process I experienced some trouble with my Graphics card. The VPU recover function of it constantly popped up and bugged me once again and I didn't know what was wrong now. So I checked on the Internet to find more about that error but could not find any sufficient help. So I took the PC apart again (brandnew parts by the way) and booted with only one RAM stick on the board and all of a sudden everything worked without problems. I had some OS trouble later on though and it bugged me that I was using 1 GB instead of 2 GB because of some mystical error. I checked on the other RAM-stick and tested only that one with OS and some programs/games etc. I got problems again and again so I sent it back where I purchased it and got back a new one. I assumed that the other stick was broken in some way but now with the other new stick it didn't get better. I still can't use both sticks at the same time, the system and games are only stable with one stick. Is it because I installed with 2 sticks in dual channel mode (2 orange slots) instead of only using 1 (upper orange slot)? I also updated the installation once again with no changing result. I'm testing with GTA San Andreas, Brothers in Arms if the system is working properly. At first it does and after like 10-15 seconds the screen freezes, the sound continues and the VPU-recover, I mentioned above, pops up. If I only use one stick I can play without any problems though.. I also flashed the BIOS (2 times already), gave more power to the RAM, graphics card and whatever I found in different forums and this one. I updated the drivers several times and still, I'm stuck... Anyone has any idea what other option is left? EDIT: Nothing has been overclocked as it came in brand-new last weekend.
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