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  1. Hello, does anyone knows something about my question? I will buy a new AM2+ board with nvidia 780a chipset. But there is only a Asus board available at this time. I prefer DFI or Gigabyte.
  2. Hello, I got a NF4 Expert and it runs with my corsair 3200XLPro V1.1 very fine. Now i´ve installed my old BH-5, because they do [email protected]@3.4V on my old Lanparty NF2. But on the Expert they want run. I got the FSB @280MHz -> CPU is 2800 MHz. The HTT is x3 and the Ram divider is 7/10. So the Ram got 196MHz. But with the [email protected] and 2,5-4-4-6 (standart Timings) i cant get into windows. I get every Time a Bluescreen. Does anyone know why?? Please help me! Greetz FarscapeOne
  3. Hello Guys, this is my first Post here. First: Sorry for my English , but i am from Germany. Ok. I am searching for a Bios to get over 260FSB with my LP B. I heard from a Bios from Merlin with smoother Timings to get between 260-270 FSB. Do anyone know this Bios? Is there any other Bios to get my FSB so high? I hope anyone got a Link or something else ;-) Greetz FarscapeOne
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