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  1. Well, I finially finished my machine last week, I haven't been arround to post up a pic, I went for a Clear acrylic case when I upgraded my shatty ol P4 2.8 to a 3.6, I love the UV look so I decided when I upgraded to my current rig I would keep it. so here it is:- My Machine And the dual screens and DiNovo and Speaker setup does me proud too My Desktop All done and finished, I got exactly what I paid for, I am pleased I chose DFI, this forum if not 'THE' reason was one of the main factors of buying DFI. Your feedback etc is greatly appreciated, positive or negative. - Angel - :angel: Sorry for the links, but I haven't sized them at 800/600
  2. I was laughing the other day with a friend, He said and I quote.... To which I replied, PWNT I beleive the kids say!
  3. Are you trying to run them stock? Check the stickys for timings etc. Could I . run mine at stock! Yeah, also run memtest! :nod:
  4. Hi Qapf, I have the offending article the logitech Dinovo bluetooth desktop solution thingy I have never had an issue with it, neither have my two friends that have the same. Although the spec of our machines is slightly higher, I am sorry to hear you are having the troubles. It's a great peice of kit, but surely a simple 400mv draw from your Mobo's usb's isn't going to cause all the issues you describe. Good to hear it's fixed but seriously, you sure you've looked everywhere? - Angel.O.Y.S- :angel:
  5. Vector, I was thinkin that too... I get on average 6 emails a day spamming me 'Pen!s enlargement' 'Viagra' 'Asian mailorder brides' and 'GENUINE! Rolex watches for £5' I report them every day to my companys security team, their 'flawless' spam filter seems to forget about my mail box. I now have about 20 email rules, they delete all mail sent to my box saying any of the above! Working for the UK's Telecoms Giant, you'd think they'd pipe more money into this 'FLAWLESS' spam filter wouldn't ya! Or perhaps I shouldn't use my work address when signing up to all the 'pr0n' sites
  6. Hi Ace mate, Yeah, I have tried both drivers, the one on the disk and the beta drivers from the site. I haven't tried the 'creative source' software from the site yet. This is the last thing I am gonna try before launching my machine out the fecking window - Angel
  7. Well, I got sound back, but still can't get the software to work! Boo
  8. Yeah bud, but the problem is the software over the mic, it's being a giant sized bugger at the moment! JESUS NIPPLES! I just want to game at the moment, I ain't one for single player so my mic is important to me. Any other ideas as google ain't helping either
  9. Hi Everyone, I have never needed to ask for help as I am the type to google and muddle through. I offer my forte which in networking. Well... getting to my issue. My rig is in my sig: Now, I was at a LAN Party on Saturday night all day Sunday. Everything was fine, it was geek heaven with the release of Quake 4 and F.E.A.R as well has having BF2, CSS and DoD to play, Well, we stopped for a food break and we all went to the local McDonalds and when we came back, everything was fine, back to the gaming. But when I reconnected to teamspeak my mic wouldn't work. I don't understand, I had everything working fine! Now, I checked every setting, I have an Audigy 2 ZS and I made sure I was connected to the correct port, going back from the firewire port, all 3 leads for my 5.1 headset and the next the mic port! No problems there. I then thought, check the software, now as you may or may not know. Creative Software is dominant over the windows software, and I even have the onboard sound disabled in the bios. So I was getting more and more annoyed, I did an uninstall and re-install of the software, and disaster struck, during the installation, I got an error telling me plxCORE.plx could not be found. So I googled it and it said find it on the install disk, install it manually and then re-run the setup, so I did as I was told. No Joy, the sound was back, but the sound was funny, and the mic was quiet, so I went to go into the setup and this is where the problem seems to come from, I cannot access any of the Audigy 2 software, every time I try to run anything, the EAX console, the graphic equalizer etc. So I tried the webby for creative again, they are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard! So I ask for some help! What I have tried:- Uninstall - Remove the program file - run driver cleaner and remove sound drivers - reinstalled Uninstall - As above - reinstall - Via Creative's instructions Uninstall - As above - Remove the card from the machine, Boot up (making sure it was removed from device manager) and shut down and then re-install the card - Reinstall the software. STILL NO JOY! Funny sound, and no mic! So then! I took the card out and uninstalled again, went into the bios and activated the onboard sound, and it works, not to my liking, but..... I STILL GOT NO BLOODY MIC! I then gave up for the night, and played Quake 4 with crap sound! Yes, I have tested it in another machine. Works fine I am stuck in a loop I can get my 7.1 and it's fine but I don't have the software working to activate the microphone on the card etc... So, Please offer some advice, if you have had a similar problem or know what I need to do then please help! I do also apologise for the war and peace style post, but I am at my wits end with this, if you see a low-flying DFI motherboard over Newcastle in England! It's mine! Yours Psychotically Angel
  10. Erm... ya lost me! What you going on about?
  11. :eek: You've seen one? :eek:
  12. Please say Angry that you're gonna do it pic by pic?
  13. I see where you're coming from... Just a little worrying... Just wanted to make sure I didn't make a poor choice
  14. I don't got a EVGA one... I have an XFX one... what's the chances of this fitting?
  15. Nice one A_G And you give such nice feedback on ebay
  16. Cool! Added! Greets from sh*tey ol blighty
  17. Well I just stopped using Firefox about a month ago on a recommendation from a friend and I now use Opera I am now 100% used to it and the tabbed browsing and mouse gestures and even voice control.were the main decisions. I have to say that I stopped using firefox as I would leave it on for hours at a time and it must have some sort of memory leak, I would have a sluggish system if say I left it on over night, but I do not get the same issue with Opera. It's got flashy bits just like firefox... Hark! I sound like quite the salesman but I run. Diskkeeper (Every drive - Every Night) Microshite anti-spyware Beta AAW SE PC Cillin Internet Security Suite 2005 (all drives - every night) And I am behind my netgear hardware firewall Tight ship here.
  18. Hi-ya Matey, I have a 2 X 80gb Hitachi Sata II Raid 0 setup and a 200giger Seagate Barracuda slave. Tbh I really didn't notice the difference in windows booting. I do notice a generally faster machine when it comes to gaming/benching/other such stuff. I will say it's slightly louder but then everytime you read or write to the drives they're both working in unison so it should be expected. Hope that was good info for you. During the windows boot, I get two passes of the progress bar Rgds - Angel
  19. 18% scored higher (more nerdy), and 82% scored lower (less nerdy). Good God NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I leave the house.... sometimes! I demand a recount!
  20. Tbh.... It's understandable why the sig nazi's are so abrupt when they ask you to have it in your sig. It makes perfect sense so the people that are here to give genuine help don't have to ask you a question before giving help. So.. Spend 10 minutes writing your spec out and putting it in your sig... Doesn't have to be flashy, Just get it done! it's in the fecking rules.
  21. David! I vote you change your forum rank to:- PSU Advice God! And Why ain't the Hiper on the 'A List' By all means, for price and spec... shouldn't it be?
  22. James is right, but also think of expandability, You may not go SLI straight away, so mayhaps the DR board would be best, giving you the option to SLI. This if obviously you're not going to the darkside (Ati)
  23. Yeah... What Ace said bout the siggy... Balls to official drivers from Nvidia try Guru3d They have the latest drivers out, Should cure your problems matey. And ATI? Pah! After you mate!
  24. Thank Ya for your reply Ace... Here's hoping - Cam
  25. Andy, I gotta say it bud, It's a sweet job you've done matey. Care to put a price tag on it all? And man hours count? - Cam
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