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  1. tested and jump-started the psu as it's a well known and useful thing to know/do. PSU is fine it seems, but I may test it in another rig just to make sure... I guess i'm gonna have to RMA it if no other suggestions are available, it does seem kinda fruitless to me. Roughly how long does it take to RMA and have a mobo returned? edit: just went onto the DFI RMA site... it needs an invoice with the date on it... what if I don't have the invoice anymore? And the warranty is for 2 years.. and my mobo hasn't even been out for 2 years (right?) so technically it's in the warranty period no?
  2. I can't test it with another PSU for a while yet, but just as a fyi, the PSU and whole computer was working fine a few hours earlier.. So i'm kind flummoxed on how a PSU or a mobo could suddenly decide on to start up.
  3. I did... and also tried using the onboard power on button.. doesn't seem to help as the mobo doesn't seem to recieve any power (i.e. the orange leds on the mobo are not lit up)
  4. hmmm... XT2.5, you know what? we are running the exact same Graphics cards Club3D 7800Gts.... maybe that could be a cause??? could just be a coincidence though? but like I said, I can't know for sure until my system actually decides to boot.
  5. well.. i can't test any of this yet (or ever?) as my mobo has just seemly decided it doesn't want to power up... not even to power the ram/system leds...
  6. My system is not new, it's been running with the current hardware fine for a long time. The other day, I go to switch on the computer and it wouldn't switch on... I hadn't added or removed any hardware or fiddle with any settings... I shut down as normal the night before and I come to switch it on as normal the day after. After randomly scratching my head, cursing and repeatedly balming others ofr messing with my computer.. it switched on when I pushed the power button (about 15 mins later). There was no power spike, no hardware fault, no software fault either upon booting, it just worked as normal. I hadn't touched anything, moved anything or changed anything. Now it's doing it again, instead now it's been 2 hours since I pushed the power button and still nothing. No Ram/system lights are showing either... it seems the mobo can't detect or hasn't got any power... i thought that was wierd as the Tagan worked perfectly. So I unplug the 24-pin and test it with a wire... the whole system lights ups (fans, dvd, hdds etc).. so the PSU is still working. Plug it back into the mobo, and nada... no lights no response to button pushes. So I reset the bios... (the official way i might add) and still nada So I try to 'jump start' the mobo... basically jump-start the PSU with the ATX power attached. The mobo lights up but doesn't boot, 4 red leds show and nothing else. I know the 4 leds show a non-detected CPU, but I know my CPU is fine... also tried to all 4 power connections plugged in (i usually only use the 2). I also tried booting it without any ram installed in desperation... but that doesn't really help when the mobo isn't actually detecting an power in the first place (no ram/system leds lit up). What's wrong? does anybody have any idea? What really gets me is why the mobo isn't detecting ay power when obviously the PSU is able to supply it??
  7. I've had exactly the same problem... but wasn't a new build. One day, the first time I come to switch it on and nada! no lights no nothing... Nothing has been tampered with, there have been no shorts and no power spikes... then tried for ages randomly pressing the power on.. and running around blaming people for touching my computer and then randomly it starts up after I press the switch and started up as normal... ??? Now it's done it again, but this time, it's not starting up at all??? wtf is up with this board?? Does anyone have any idea as i'd hate to have to strip everything down and RMA it...
  8. but tell me what card can use all of the x8 bandwidth... let alone x16?
  9. Yeah... my initial suspicions pointed to the Audigy card too, so your post kind of strengthens my general theory. maybe the audigy is conflicting with the onboard sound? I have them both installed and enabled, so I guess the first thing I should do is disable the onboard sound in the bios.
  10. right.. i've run a program called sysinternals process explorer and something is definately up. Athough task manager shows system idle is at 99%, this program shows it to be at around 60% with the rest taken up with hardware interrupts and Deferred Procedure calls. So it looks like a hardware conflicting issue no? Neither of these 'processes' can be stopped, changed or suspended as technically, they don't exist... they have a n/a for the PID. I'm not sure what could be causing it... I guess i'm going to have to pull out every add-on card and device I have to check. is this a known problem?
  11. that's why I took a video... because people thought i was either making it up or extrememly stupid. Yes, that is in real time and yes it is windows task manager... installed fresh less than a month ago, checked ad doubled checked for virii, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware and also memtested to make sure it wasn't my memory at fault, prime tested to make sure my cpu isn't at fault... it is really a wierd problem... Nobody had any ideas or know what the problem could be? Someone said it could be bios related... or even that the CPU itself is broken... any ideas how I would check those (apart from getting another mobo and cpu as I haven't got any spare!0.)
  12. @ Jiveturkey.. yeah, mine's like that but instead it it hovers around the 80-90% mark. Ok.. no fixes yet, but i've run virus scanners again... no virus, trojans etc. Run 2 spyware and adware programs... nothing found. Checked to see if it was a rootkit or somebody jacking my computer... nope, as no internet activity and still persists when I remove the USB wireless stick. Run a prolonged memtest... no errors (ran about 7 hours) CPU Time list... system idle takes up most of the time, with a couple of others taking up a few seconds worth. I've also taken a short video (crap camera.. sorry) trying to show you what I see. here... .avi 5.4MB
  13. well.. it's working for me anyway atm, but i'll do a more strenuous memtest as short ones reveal no errors.. they are both CH-5 chips, but i'm not too sure what the PCB of either are. What dual core drivers? I was under the impression that it didn't need one, or are you refering to the CnQ ones? Yes, I have run virus checks and spyware checkers... both turned out negative apart from a few suspicios cookies deleted. And no, i'm not confused... idle time is 99 and the 2nd core is running at 80-90% full. And i'll change the sig.. it's just one that i use on most forums I visit so it was just second nature to bang that in when I joined.
  14. ok.. this is not something that I can reproduce, but it has happened at stock as well as at my current over-clock... but the wierd thing it, my computer has been on for an hour or so now and it hasn't occured so far.. really wierd. and with the CPU and CPU time... in my task manager... I only have a column saying CPU and no 'CPU time' column. And the next processes apart from system idle (which sits at 99) is taskmgr.exe, alg.exe and sometimes svchost.exe... but not always, usually it's the first 2.
  15. it does when I do something that needs full power (like BF2 gaming)... and I know it's doing 'something' as my temperatures change, as I posted in my first post. Normally at idle, my cpu should be in the low 20s, and at full load (prime affinity 0 & 1), it's in the high 30s... but when the 2nd core kicks in for no apparent reason, temperatures hover around the low 30s... so it's definately doing 'something' as it's working quite hard to raise the temperature of the core.
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