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  1. Try different NV raid drivers. Also, check http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;324103 for more info on the stop error.
  2. I have my Kingston HyperX at 2-2-2-5 at 270. Havent tried any further cuz I dont want to go past 3.5v.
  3. SLI may work with different BIOS's and different manufacturers but problems like this occure when you are not using the same BIOS. That is why it is recommended to use the same manufacturer and the same BIOS. This website ( http://www.mvktech.net ) has various manufacturer's BIOS for video cards as well as beta drivers and programs to flash the card.
  4. You need to go to where you enable SLI and uncheck the box where it says something about graphically display load balancing. its just a setting in the drivers for diagnostics.
  5. He will be able to install windows to it. During the windows install it creates and formats a partition on the HDD so he will not have to do the computer management thing.
  6. You need to use diskmanagement in computer management in administrative tools to initialize and format the HDD before "my computer" will see it.
  7. In order for you to see the HDD in "My Computer" in windows you have to go to computer management in administrative tools and initalize and format the drive. Only then will "My Computer" see it as a viable place to write info to.
  8. Have you tried using a different Windows Xp cd. If xp64 installed fine it may be the disc you are installing from.
  9. You might be getting to the point where you need more volts to the cpu to make it stable.
  10. Kingston memory works great in this board IMO. Im running ddr520 2-2-2-6 right now perfectly stable with my HyperX3200s. I havent had a chance to run OCZ but my friend is going to loan me some golds and some mushkin redlines so i can see what i can do with those. Good to see your stick working like a dream. Now try some overclocking to make your dream better :nod: .
  11. I did not effect my gaming at all when I put my 6800ultra in the second slot. The second slot would be 8x after you move the jumpers down. You will notice a difference though if you do not move those jumpers.
  12. Use the sata connections closest to the IDE connections. Sata's 3 and 4 I believe those are locked. I use norton ghost and have an image of my system saved after a fresh install of everything. So anytime windows get corrupted or something bad happens, i can just pop that in and not worry about waiting for xp to install.
  13. I was having the same problems in WoW when it first came out. I changed a few settings in the Nvidia LAN drivers to fix my problem. Maybe they will help you out as well. This is what I changed. Go here: Start < controlpanel < network and internet connections < network connections < right click on the local area connection that is the nvidia one < properties < configure < advanced that will bring you to the screen to make the changes. From there I turned "Checksum Offload" to disable and changed "optimized for" to throughput. I have never understood why nvidia set the "optimized for" to default to cpu but thats never a good thing. That fixed all my WoW problems except for when I think my system is stable after an overclock and i crash out do to a memory error. Hope that helps you.
  14. It's normal for the BIOS to report it as running at ddr333 when you are on a divider. I assume you are using a 5/6 divider which would make it ddr333. Since you are overclocking your memory still might be clocked higher than 333. If u had ddr400 memory runing 1:1 with a fsb of 210 i would be at ddr420 but the BIOS would still read it as 400. I advise you to get CPU-Z or Everest to give you a readout within windows of what your memory is actually clocked at.
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