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  1. -XFX 7950GX2 Xtreme Edition [520/1300]- $ 525 shipped *PRICE DROP heatware - aldy402 [60:0] Well basically guys, Im in over my head with credit card bills and my stress level is going through the roof. Im selling my XFX 7950GX2 Xtreme Edition Card, complete with retail box, warranty + accessories. I have never registered it either so lifetime warranty is still intact. It retails at newegg.com for $609 + shipping and I've only had it for a month, I can even provide the printed newegg.com invoice. Im looking to step wayyyyy down to a x300 pci-e so if you can provide that, ill take the price down a little bit. With 2x120 fans blowing over it, I hit 600/1600 artifact free. I ran 24/7 @ [580/1550] *EDIT I have been getting a lot of questions about this so I guess ill post them here. I ran it at 600/1600 strictly for benching purposes with 2x120 silentx fans and they push very little air but I ran 3dmark06 and doom3 loop demo without any artifacts. I am positive that it can run 600/1600 24/7 with adequate cooling, maby even just 1 strong 120mm fan. Im also confident that this will run even HIGHER! I have a v1000 and the heat from the card was trapped at the top of the case with no exhaust, so you'll probably get better results then I did. i will take paypal, or MO I will also do local pickup in the NYC area for $510 flat I will also do $510 flat for MO, and personal checks http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150160 here is a screenshot of my results in 3dmark06 with my opty165 running at 2.82(rest of specs in sig) here is a screenshot in fear @ 1152X864 with everything on and MAXED out EAX sound acceleration, aniso. @ 16x and softshadows ON! [email protected] heatware - aldy402 [60:0] aim: sm0ke mad ism
  2. I much rather sell this as a bundle instead of parting it out. Im asking $48 shipped [email protected] heatware - aldy402 [58:0] aim: sm0ke mad ism
  3. OK I just installed a brand new copy of windows over a brand new partition, I dont get lockups anymore but I still get the Random SHUTDOWNS, it just shuts down out of nowhere! can anybody help? im about to tear this thing to pieces! and it still shuts down with speedfan
  4. well im gonna doing a repair installation right now as we speak(im on my laptop) but its been at the "installing devices" with 35 minutes left screen, the progress bar half full for about 20 minutes now and it hasnt moved hmmm... its definetly not frozen, the numlock works and the mouse cursor works even the window tips randomly change I guess ill give it another 20 minutes before i start over again
  5. i have worked back from stock and its still happens, would i have a defective board? the only thing i HAVEN'T done is reinstall the OS, would that help?
  6. thanks that worked, but i still get lock ups, why would it shut down while scanning the smbios?
  7. I have just upgraded from the SLI-D board to the Expert. Everything was fine and running stable with the SLI-D. Once I upgraded to the Expert motherboard. I have had nothing but problems. I am running off the latest bios(4/06/06). I experience random shut downs and lockups. It will shut down randomly at given moments(overclock or NOT). It also freezes during windows media player use or while im playing a game. It locks up VERY FREQUENTLY. It also shuts down EVERYTIME I start up SPEEDFAN. I am pulling my hair out and i have no idea what's going on and I regret my upgrade. Can anybody help? -turned off CPU thermal throttling -shuts down after starting up speedfan(everytime) overclock or not -used pretty much the same settings that I used with the SLI-D board which worked perfectly -all power connections plugged in what is going on?
  8. here ya go they are overcharging though http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_n...MEDD_OCZT_BG_V8
  9. I went back to stock settings, it booted fine then after about 2 reboots of booting fine I put it back on 240fsb, (on it right now) i will prime stable myself again, good idea didn't think of that
  10. yep it fixes it for the first reboot after I reset then on the next reboot, it happens yet again after about 3 times of turning my pc on and off the bios prompts me " safe mode: setting fsb bios defaults or something like that" is it a overclocking problem?
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