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    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    ty old guy i will procced
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    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    i bought my DFI ultra nf3, i have a 3000+ with vience, the first thing i did was overclock ir, it was alright, i reached 2.2 ghz 1st.- with the overclock, when i turn off my pc, it doesnt start, i have to hit reset, so it starts and return to the default speed the values added to the bios are there, but i must enter and record so they are applied, i read that u fix this updating the bios to the most recent, that would be 711 2┬░ok, i update the BIOS, i dl the exe from the DFI page, alright, when i turn up only 1 mhz over the htt... when i reset, it doesnt start, i have to clean cmos, so it can restart, this happens with the 705 bios too, so i had to go back to 602, the default please help me thanks