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  1. Definitely a kickass game. I have a lot of hours tied up in it and I have to make sure that I take my savegames from my old rig.
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped out with my minor problems with my system. I especially want to thank angrygames, rgone, shinobi and ed jacobson. All of your tips, guides and advice has now contributed to my kickass, stable system. 8 hours of memtest error-free, 12 hours prime95 blend torture-test error-free. Anyone who is thinking about maybe going with a dfi board but are concerned about issues that they have heard about can take comfort in knowing that this forum exists. This forum is the reason that I returned my unused Asus board and picked up my DFI. I am not overclocking right yet, but I am happy to have that option later down the road. ONE MAJOR hurdle that I had to overcome was when I went to install my tv tuner in my second pci slot. Instant reboot. I swapped slots, changed bios settings and did everything I could to get it to work (in a logical manner).....but to no avail. Finally i found this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...0&highlight=hal I followed the instructions and re-installed windows. Now.....everything is running like a top. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!
  3. I am having a problem when I try to install my Hauppauge tv tuner in the last PCI slot. Basically, windows boots up and then reboots right after it finds the new piece of hardware. I took the tv tuner out and windows started normally. I went to the BIOS to manually change the IRQ assignements, but it only allows me to change what appears to be unused IRQ slots to "reserved." I tried Auto Ecsd......no go. Everything else in my system is running like it should.........but what do I have to change to be able to assign IRQs? Forgot to say......my video card, audigy 2 and Marvell Lan are all on IRQ 18....I can't tell which IRQ the tv tuner is getting assigned to before it reboots. I also have some conflicts with the infrared port and a motherboard resource conflict. yoiks....I am going to bed.
  4. Updated (6/23) Right now I am testing both sticks. I haven't had a single bit of trouble and I have done everything by the install guide.....so I am just going to cross my fingers. So far I have gone through 6 passes in 2 hours without any errors......but we'll see I guess. Am I correct in assuming that I won't need to "burn in" my RAM after this (like with Sandra for example)?
  5. I just got everything hooked-up and optimized as-per ed's guide. I am currently running memtest.......but I don't know when to stop. How many passes do you guys usually do? I have done a search, but I can't find a specific accepted time. Thanks guys, -Matt
  6. Hey guys, I am right in the middle of my build and I am wondering if it is okay to plug my Vantec Stealth fan (that is on my XP-90) into the cpu fan header on my board? I have heard/read mixed opinions on this. Some say that they prefer plugging right into the power supply....but then the speed won't be regulated by the temperature right? hmmmm....I am confused.
  7. I want to thank Ed as well. I originally wanted the DFI board but I was told that it would be too much for me to handle. I found this forum/topic and everything changed. I returned my Asus board that I had settled for and I just picked up the last of my components for my new system about an hour ago. I think I might start my build in an hour or so. This thread is definitely confidence inspiring and I will have a laptop right beside me while I am building my system with this topic displayed. Wish me luck! thanks again Ed!
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