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  1. From what I can remember of Scythe's directions (from that booklet/manual they put in the box, no it wasn't a placemat) they suggest using the backplate that came with the motherboard. So unless you broke the retention bracket that sits on top of the board (that the heatsink hooks on to) I don't know why one would need to buy another "kit". Not sure, but usually a little forethought goes a long way.
  2. Not really, having a fan mid chassis as opposed to the front of the case reduces noise while still providing adequate cooling for HDDs in the lower cage. When using the provided (thumb)screws do the panels keep falling off the chassis? With many different configurations of hardware that could possibly go into the case I would think that that is a given. Hope you didn't buy it for the duct alone.
  3. Howdy, I do not have a 7 series card, but came across this thread over at guru3d.com. I know there are a few threads here with people having problems with these cards, just wanted to pass the word along.
  4. If it's the same chipset and running at the same voltage I do not see why it wouldn't work. Then there is the matter of making sure it uses the same mount design and mounting holes and of course doesn't interfer with any motherboard components.
  5. Not really, I ran the system in my sig when I had that cpu/motherboard with a Ninja passive in a p180 case. Only 2 fans in the upper chamber a front intake and back exhaust, the top fan vent was covered. They are Yate Loons the front one runs at 840rpm and the back one runs at 1020rpm until the cpu hit 40, then it spun at 12v (1350rpm). Under load the cpu hit 46C, idled usually around 27C-29C. For reference at the time I was running a vf700cu on my video card at 1600rpm (6v, 7v?) and that was the loudest fan in the case.
  6. I don't think if you took the pads off and used AS5 on there you would get any contact with the memory. I ran the Silencer on my 6800gt for a while, I never had problems with contact but what I did do before installing it is take something flat and hard (maybe a credit card or like that?) and press down on each memory pad to compress them a bit. Dunno if it helped but like I said never had contact problems. I always made sure the end of each screw was coming out through the open end of each bolt, you won't be able to fit a screwdriver head in there anymore.
  7. ? :eek: Ace is right, it's subjective and it also depends on the noise level of your system. For example, the Zalman vga cooler, vf700cu, might be extremely quiet to some people. But in my system, it's the loudest component in my case even at 1600rpm (under volted to 6v-7v?). My opinion is if you feel the stock cooler is too loud, yes the Evercool will be a big improvement. I thought the Evercool was very quiet until I replaced my Antec TriCool fans with something more quiet. But that's how it is. Silence/quiet one component only to realize you have a new loud/annoying sound coming from another component. The joys of quiet computing.
  8. I replaced the TriCool fans in my p180 with 120mm medium speed Yate Loons. I have 3 total, one in the top front, in the bottom and the exhaust. The top fan vent is covered up with cardboard and duct tape for now until I make a permanent cover. Three fans, including the vf700 fan, are hooked up to an Aerogate III fan controller. The front and bottom fans I have running at 800rpm (about 6v-7v). The exhaust is hooked up to the motherboard and runs at 1020-1050rpm (8v) until 39C. At 40C it spins up to full speed (1350rpm), even then I would say the noise is equal to a TriCool at the low setting. I have 3 HDDs in the lower cage and with the fan spinning at 800rpm it makes a big difference in temps for me. Personally I never liked Panaflos and never thought of them as "silent" or even "quiet", unless you're comparing them to a Delta fan at 12v. This setup has worked good enough to run the rig in my sig and using the Scythe Ninja passively. Now I have a different motherboard/cpu but still the same results.
  9. The thing that keeps me from trying an ATI based board is price. If they would come out with a 3200 board with one pcie 16x slot for around $100, then we're on to something. But as it is now, if you're running 1 video card, there are quite a few good nf4 Ultra boards that can be had for around $100 or even less.
  10. Speedfan, it's free, small and nice. Can also monitor nVidia based video card temps (I don't own an ATI card so I don't know if it does work with ATI's cards). As well as SMART capable HDDs. And with a database of user configs it's an easy setup even if Speedfan doesn't recognize the board at first, which I've run it on a few different nf4 boards and it detected everything fine. http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
  11. What case do you have? I haven't seen a case in the last 5 years at least that didn't come with the appropriate hardware to mount the motherboard. As far as I know, no additional washer should be necessary when using the standard ATX mounting holes on any board. Which if you look at the board you'll notice all the mounting holes have a "built-in" washer.
  12. You wouldn't by chance have your optical drive hooked up to the board with the audio cable would you?
  13. Bump for speaker price and added Wacom tablet.
  14. Kim is correct. If you look at the standard ATX mounting holes you'll notice there is a band of metal (I think aluminum?) around each one. Now if you're trying to use a non ATX standard hole to mount, then yes use plastic standoffs and washers.
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