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  1. 4.29 read the temp of BOTH cores (biggest difference with older versions). So far I think that Temp1 is one of the cores (or an average of both), temp 2 is PWM and temp3 is chipset. There is a second temp1 and also a "core" temp which *I think* is the second core.
  2. Thank for your input about MBM5. I did use it in the past but I prefer Speedfan. I went from version 4.28 to 4.29 and I just want to make sure about my sensors.
  3. I used to have this problem. It was the Marvell NIC. Disabled it and no more lockup. Weird.
  4. Yeah do not buy that if you want to do 1600x1200 which is generally the perfect res for a 21" crt.
  5. I used to have one like that. CCBWE 0550UPMW. Could not bring it under 38C idle and had to lower volts to 1.3 to keep under 55 under load (at 2.6ghz). XP-90 too. Replaced with another one, CCBWE 0551VPMW, runs 10 degrees lower with the same cooling/board.
  6. I have a similar problem with my 0550UPMW it does 2.6 at 1.3 volts but heats like crazy. I tried a 0551UPMW in the exact same computer and temps were 10 degrees lower but it would not clock good.
  7. ROcHE


    Yeah NCIX needs that. At a competitive price too.
  8. 56 on load.. So I 'm not the only one with a really hot Opteron.
  9. Wow that's awesome with the retail cooler. I get 55 degrees full load with it. 2.55ghz, stock vcore
  10. What kind of load temps are you getting by the way?
  11. What kind of temps are you guys getting on AIR?
  12. Just for the record, my X800XL won't work in the bottom slot.
  13. Well I use 4 x 512 of Corsair Value Select and it works. The problem is that you might not get the same chips on yours.
  14. I'm using 4 x 512 of Corsair Value Select which is supposed to be risky. No problems.
  15. Wow that's helpful. What are your temps with stock speed/voltage? Do you have any airflow in your case?
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