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  1. Hi, I'm aware of what that is as I am already on my 3rd/4th 7900GT video cards. I've had them for 4 months though and my problems just started 1 week ago or so. (The first 2 arrived DOA) I didn't think cards died after a couple months? Anyway, I thought NORMALLY when there is an error, the timer of "No errors for XX:XX sec." would reset? Notice how my errors show up yet the timer continues as if there were no errors.
  2. Well I've still been trying to figure out my problem. I've cranked my fans up all the way to run @ max voltage now. They never go above 68C while heavy gaming. The cards seem to work fine in single mode but I'm still getting errors in SLi. (I did not test EXTENSIVELY in single card mode) The weird part is what happens when I used ATi Tool. there is clear artifacting, but the "no errors for xx:xx: time" continues. See image below: Normally I thought ATItool would reset when there's an artifact and then say "no errors for 00:01" etc. See here:
  3. Hey everyone, So I've had the same setup for a long time now but recently I've run into some problems. I've started to get tons of artifacts/flashing screens when playing games and I can't figure out what's causing it. My video cards are factory overclocked but I've tried running them underclocked and I still have problems. I'm currently running in SLi and haven't had a chance to test each card individually but when I run single card mode through Nvidia CP (SLi enabled in mobo, SLi bridge installed) I get tons of graphical errors in ATITool, but if I enable SLi it takes a bit of time for the errors. I'm thinking that the motherboard is possibly broken and that's what's causing the graphical errors (I have big problems when I try to connect my TV. It gets these weird graphical glitches and my computer crashes when trying to switch display devices often). I was just wondering if people thought a motherboard could be the culprit of graphical artifacts/errors - not the video card(s)? Let me know! Thanks,
  4. Oh wow, those three silver heatsink things weren't the 2nd possible piece I was thinking of hehe. So, how on earth do I get those pieces cooler? My fan is only 92mm so it doesn't really reach them.. I guess an si-120 w/ 120mm fan could but I don't want to go spend another ton of money
  5. Hey everyone, I'm not as crafty as some of you other people so I can't exactly mount fans in random places or change the shape of heatsinks etc so I was wondering what exactly I can do to cool my PWM IC (it idles at about 55-60c). I've seen two answers about where the pwm ic is.. The first one is all the way at the end of the board past the ram, and the other one is shown here: Now, I don't really have any place to mount a fan.. and I like having a quiet computer so my panaflo/xp-90 combo goes slowly when idle and doesnt blow on it much. I was wondering if JUST putting a little heatsink on it would help? And if so, how would I get one that shape?
  6. So I finally managed to get the VC-RE installed.. one arrow didnt stick properly so I'm semi relying on my video card to hold it down Anyway, my chipset temps were hitting 65c while gaming before, and now I haven't seen it hit even 45 yet.. game/prime tests! I also cleaned up my wires and the airflow is keeping all parts of my comp way cooler! The point of this thread: if you are going to OC.. it would be foolish not to get a VC-RE.. bend it a little bit first and then stick both pins in at the same time and it's not that difficult.. and your temps will drop like a fly! Second point of this thread: I have my ram @ 238mhz CL3 - 4-3-8. It was suggested to me to try 2.5 but my motherboard doesnt have CL2.5.. so I was wondering whwere I should go from here? Third point: How on earth do you fit a 120mm fan on an xp-90? I tried today just for fun's sake while I had my stuff out and I couldn't figure it out. Any help for this is appreciated! But i'm starting to think it's not worth it because my cpu is topping out @ 45c full load and I think voltage is the problem in overclocking further! Thanks for advice everyone and I hope everyone will heed my advice about airflow importance and NEEDING A EVERCOOL VC-RE!!
  7. Thanks for the pics! it looks like it should fit... it's so hard to tell if it will fit in beside the first video card. and you have a lot of fans! Does anyone have any thoughts on undervolting a 120mm H1A to like 5v? apparently it wont work properly at this speed.. and may turn off?
  8. I also wondered.. how will the mobo react if I don't connect a cpu fan to the header? will everything still be groovy? DARN! It looks like both the M1A 120mm and the L1A 120mm are out of stock at the local place I buy from. Would you guys recommend I try a H1A 120mm? Since the fan controller will be used I can undervolt it at night to sleep.. but I don't know how well it undervolts?? (there won't be clearance with sli video cards will there?)
  9. Hey all, I recently upgraded my zalman 7000 alcu to a xp-90 w/ panaflo L1A but.. The thing is it's not cooling as much as I would have liked and I was thinking of upgrading the panaflo to let me OC a bit more Currently I use SG to change the speeds a bit so that when I'm sleeping it will be quiet. I was looking at the U1A and H1A 92mm fans. Both of them look like they will REALLY push some serious air but of course they will be super loud. I was planning a setup as follows: 92mm U1A/H1A --> zalman fan mate 2 --> 3pin to 4pin ->4pin molex. Now, the problem I've run into is that I don;t know if the U1A or H1A will work properly undervolted to 5 volts with the fanmate? I know it will be far too loud for me at full volts unless I'm gaming so I wanted to see if anyone here had opinions on this? Edit: Also, I was going to try and replace my chipset fan with a VC-RE and I was wondering if I should transfer that little square pad thing? Some people mentioned transferring it and some people didn't say anything. Thanks! Thanks a lot!! Doug
  10. Thanks a lot for the input! I'll follow the suggestions in the first reply! I don't want to super tweak and get to the absolute max.. I just didnt want to be using my ram UNDER stock speed! It's gonna be frustrating.. Having a p180 and SLI makes getting to the CMOS basically impossible.. gonna be tough! but that's what it's all about
  11. So I just realised something is funny with my oc. Before my cpu had a 10x multi so it mde things easy, but now my cpu has adef. clock of 11x and my ram is forced to run lower than stock speeds. Currently my stock: 250mhz CL3-4-4-8 ram is running @ 238 mhz. I can't really increae the speed in any way due to the cpu limits but I was wondering if I should tighten the timings from stock to offset the 12mhz decrease? I unforunately do not understand ram timing at all -- except that lower is better so if anyone had any advice I would appreciate it! I think Angry_games had this ram before and some others too! Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi all, My chipset is getting burned up when I game because the dual GTX totally block the fan basically. Is there anything I can do to help it? I'm worried that it's going to break if it's constantly running @ 60+ celsius (I saw it at about 63 the other day). This happens with stock clocks or oc'd.. it's just the vid cards get it too hot I think. Thanks.
  13. I know you're not supposed to enable CnQ while oc'd but I was wondering if there's any way I could temporarily downclock the cpu/voltage? I would prefer to have low power mode overnight only while I sleep.. because it's noisy I sleep beside my computer. If CNQ is too risky, is there some other way?
  14. I believe I'm @ 1.3 x 110% I have startup of 1.45v.
  15. Here's my x2 4400+ @ 250x10.5 (2625mhz toledo 1mb cache) Been running stable for awhile so I just primed for a bit to show. Temps top off at 49 and bounced between 47-49c at full load. Also have 7800GTX SLI under the hood @ 490/1340. Unforunately, this stil isnt enough to ply most games at high settings under 1920x1200 res. I tried 2.7 (300x9) but the second core was failing at prime. I'm wondering if it's a heat issue .. my xp-90 is very poorly as5'd.. i'm just too scared to try taking it off! putting it on was scary enough for me!! :cool: :cool: :cool:
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