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  1. Okay, ran to the local store and picked up a 600W Enermax EG701 AX-VE (W) powersupply. Plugged it in, and the board comes up no problems! :nod: Still, I wonder why a "less powerful" PSU is getting the job done so much better. Looking solely at the specs between the two, this makes no sense. Oh well, mine is working in a barebones configuration. On with the build!
  2. Okay, I have confirmed that the PSU is putting out the correct voltages. I stripped the MB down completely to see if I could at least get a beep or a continuous light on the diagnostic LEDs. However, the PSU seems to trip off immediately on a power-up attempt. The board's standby power light remains on, so it looks like the +5VSB current is coming across okay. Searching through the forums here, it looks like some folks have had similar trouble in the past that was cleared up by doing a long CMOS reset. I pulled the battery, moved the CMOS jumper, held the power-on button down for a while, and have left the board to sit today. Will try putting power to it again this evening. If anyone has any other suggestions (I don't have another PSU to try right now, and I'd hate to throw good money after bad buying a second PSU if the MB is bad...) Thanks!
  3. Thanks disturbed6dws. I'll check it out with the multimeter. Lord knows I'd be happy if it is just the PSU.
  4. Hi folks. Last PC I built for myself was back in the '90s. Thought I would try again. Currently, I have the mb out of the case, PS connected (yes, all three connections), one stick of RAM, one video card, and the floppy drive connected. Turning on the switch on the Liberty PS, the m/b power standby light comes on. When I hit the power button on the m/b though, the PS clicks once, the fans on the PS and video card get juiced just enough to start to spin, the floppy clicks, all four diagnostic LEDs flash once, and then it all shuts back down. The board standby power light stays on and the DRAM Power LED will sometimes stay on. The NB fan doesn't move though. I have triple checked all the cables to be sure they are seated properly and no loose connections. I saw some other posts where people indicated that these Enermax Liberty PS's were having trouble, so that could be the problem. Is there a way to test the PSU with a multimeter to be sure it is on target and working properly? Not even close to a POST. Any suggestions? Thanks for not being too rough...
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