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  1. works fine the only 2 problems i have is the cpu meter allways shows 0% and no backlighting when not in windows
  2. yeah im saying they dont act just like "normal" ram ... but when they are working they are amazing
  3. oh yeah USE ORANGE SLOTS .... that made the huges difference EVER for me
  4. yeah these sticks are really odd like that check that bleedingedge forum link
  5. i would say the eXpert, it clocks better and is redesigned to enhance the layout, mind you its a bit more expensive and it a bit harder to work than the sli-dr as i understand i would recommend a faster ram, im currently running the pc4000 version of that ramkit and its pretty awesome as for that 36gb SATA Raptors RAID array ... 2 x 36gb raid 0 is no faster than the 72gb or w/e version of the raptors non raid so go with that and save your money ... or as i have done gotten 2 x 160gb sata II hitachi drives
  6. im using my TT BT using the dfi bracket on my eXpert being that on the back side right were the cpu is there are a buch of things that stick out and putting a metal bracket right on top of that padding or not i think is retarded ... the dfi backplate is very sturdy as i tried to bend it and it does not touch thoes little black boxes (being that i dont know exactly what they are). this week i plan on removing the IHS to . il take lots of pics big pics (using my new nikon d70s )
  7. i was kind of hoping that that connector was just an onboard USB + a few extra pins or something ... too bad tho eh'? would have made an awesome lil mod
  8. http://www.rhcf.com/sisubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/31/186.html i they talk about that issue and another ... i follow it becuase its not a big deal to
  9. i dont thing anybody has fried x2's recently that i have seen i think its nothing more than a rumor prob. the newest bios. (but i highly recomend AGAINST running 4 sticks in this) i have the 2 x 1gb ocx plat pc4000 eb ram and it will not run in the yellow slots unless its has super lax timings and what not
  10. well in my board i dont use the module but i was wondering if anybody has figured out how to use this on another board or via usb or something ... if i had my way i would put it in a lil box and use it for 5.1 audio on my laptop via usb , but i am betting this is all but impossible
  11. yeah 2 x 1gig ... remember your overclocking is limited by your weakest stick of ram .... also some dimms dont work as well (or basicaly not at all) on the orange or yellow slots .. so 2 x 1 gig is the way to go
  12. this is some want unrelated but when i oc past a certain point 2.65ghz (and my ram is memtest error free and prime runs for hour on end error free) using firefox some images and pages come garbled useing both the marvell and nforce gbit lan.
  13. i dont think thats the way things work. i think you may be refering to the time it takes as5 or other thermal compound to take full effect something like 2-3 days which of course would reduce the temp which would increase your oc by a tad and decrease the voltage needed... of course i can be totaly wrong
  14. i love my s12-600w ... i pluged it in .. forgot about it .. its one of the few parts that dident need a 2nd look
  15. as far as super Pi is concerned on my system for some reason it seems better to run a higher multiplier .. but thats just from last weeks memory so as the guy above me said .. run a few tests prob the most important is 3dmark being that gaming is prob what you want this rig for .. if not maybe choose another as your guide
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